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    what's up hawkland!!!

    noob from NYC
    ... hoping there are some locals who can point me to the right direction. i have an '88 that won't turn over. been sitting out for a while but no major rust.


    when you say it wont turn over I assume you have a good battery
    and its not in gear, and the kill switch isn't on?
    Give us some more details or what you have tried and what you haven't.

    With the sparkplugs out (easier to turn over) I think there is a cover you
    can undo on the Crank case (left hand side as you sit on the bike)
    behind the cover is a flywheel bolt, use a socket to rotate the engine
    should be easy unless the engine is seized.
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      hey dude-
      about 5 or 6 of us on here from nyc. brewsy, tlewis and i have had a few beers here and there and we are meeting up next week for some at the Ear next Tues. around 7ish.
      still need to get some of the color work filled in on my tattoo and that gang initiation thing was kinda bloody and disturbing and i can't sleep anymore, but yeah things are on the up and up for the nycHawk gang.
      ride Red.


        Hey teebird! Welcome. When you try what jr told you put a teaspoon of oil into each cyl- and go gently. also there are two sparkplugs for each and one of them requires a special socket. Your NYC area hawkers may have one to help you ou t. Good luck- keep us posted!
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          Welcome T,
          check the announcement section for full details on next Tuesday in NYC.
          Come down and we can 'bench fix' your bike....



            sweet.. i don't know if i can make it out this tuesday, but i'm definitely looking forward to meeting "da NYC crew"!!!

            i'll have to try JR's tips and keep you guys posted in the appropriate board.

            here's the specs:
            '88 stock hawk in grey (pix coming soon)

            the previous owner is good friends with my cousin, so i know he took good care of her (mechanically and cosmetically) - but she was sitting outdoors for about a year and was only once in a while

            i picked her up this past winter so, i just started wrenching... i'm definitely gonna need some help from my hawkin' brothers!!!