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  • Broken Hawk II

    Just signed up here... Howdy everybody!!

    had a minor incident couple of weeks ago...
    Lady pulled out in front of me, said afterward that she thought she had enough room... now she's claiming that I "pulled out from behind a car"

    anyway damages are as follows...

    broken Left ankle
    abrasions to both knees

    broken left engine cover
    broken left switch-gear
    broken left blinkers
    road-rashed rear cowl
    broken speedo housing
    dented tank
    scraped headlight


    I'm waiting on her ins. to finish the claim and pay me. in the meantime I'm looking for replacement parts... namely VFR rear wheel conversion
    Lenac 6-pot front brake conversion, cartridge fork upgrade and a custom wire harness (oldrice?)

    any ideas please let me know...

    limpin around in san diego
    88 Blue XS-Hawk.... broken and in recovery

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    Check out HIPERFORM for the VFR conversion.

    I'd look for a CBR F3 front end - it'll give you dual disks up front and adjustable suspension on top of being relatively cheap. The cbr and vfr uses the same front wheel, IIRC.

    Why do you need a custom wire harness?
    It's scary how slow I am!

    '88 HawkGT - crashed as all hell - Hiperform subframe, VFR rear wheel, F3 front end, Penske shock.

    '05 Ducati S2R - Monstrack mirrors, CRG levers, Evoluzione clutch slave cylinder, ProItalia tail chop, Arrow damper, Nichols flywheel, Suburban Machinery bars


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      why do I want a custom light harness....

      2 reasons actually 'course they're related...

      1- new headlight would be nice, (that 05 GSXR was sweet)

      2- fairing! I still am toying with the idea of a full fairing.
      only issue is finding a nose fairing slim enough to look
      decent on the hawk.

      both cases I'd want more light therefore a custom light harness with relays!
      since I've got to replace the switch-gear I'm considering all new/used non-hawk switch gear.
      88 Blue XS-Hawk.... broken and in recovery


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        Welcome to the forum!! Sorry about the wreck man..its always a bummer. I ate it (on my own, no need for any outside help for this one) and shattered my shoulder this summer. I am putting the hawk back together still doing some mods as i go..
        You should post some pics of your hawk as you rebuild it. I'd like to watch the progress.


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 hiperform does is cut the spindle off the hub and drill/press in lugs? For $450 you them spend 20 minutes on your hub, insert $10 worth of studs and lugs, then send it and a $125 wheel back to you?

          I can't help but to feel that's a rip-off.

          Further, it's not the right way to do it. It'll be almost impossible to get a perfect center on the lugs. The only reason honda and BMW can actually do it with lugs is because they already have the appropriate machinery (car industry)...and you'll notice that the bikes that BMW build to actually go fast do NOT use lugs.
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            I've been told that the VFR and the Hawk have the same offset. Can anyone confirm this?
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