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Greetings from Bangkok - new member

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    Greetings from Bangkok - new member

    Hi all, I'm a new member but not new to the NT - I've had the bike for about 6+ years. The bike is an '88 Bros 400 with a stock 650 engine, hybrid front end (F2 forks with some Japanese no name clip-ons, VFR400 wheel, disks and calipers), Ohlins rear shock, Supertrapp exhaust, Factory jet kit, K+N pods and a Barnett clutch. It's been a great bike - for commuting here in Bangkok and for touring upcountry. It's also taught a few other bikes that it shouldn't be underestimated in a set of corners ... but you guys know that already or you wouldn't be here. These days it has to compete for my attention with an RVF400 and an VTR1000SP2 but, if I could only have 1 bike ... the Bros would be it. I just want to say thanks for a great site and I'm really happy to have found it.

    Welcome mate ....
    (ex)spambot exterminator .
    BROS 400 owners :


      Bangkok, cool. We really are a global community
      '88 Bros NT650J
      Progressive fork springs, '93 CBR600 F2 fork caps, CBR900RR rear shock, Puig 'Raptor' fly screen
      Fabitappi Monoposto seat cover, Heated grips, Braided brake lines, Buell indicators/turn signals
      Ceramic coated stock headers with custom Yoshi shorty muffler & Muzzy collector


        this reminds me of a (probably inappropriate) joke..

        when a man walks thru a turnstile sideways, wheres he going?

        hes going to bangkok..

        lol, welcome to the forum man.


          I just got back from bangkok and after seeing how they drive over there, my hats off to you that you are brave enough to bring your bikes onto the streets there. I know it's all a kind of organized chaos which likely is much more efficient than following strict traffic rules but I still think your nuts.
          Ride safe and remember a tuk tuk is still bigger than you so don't be fighting them for road space, they're the most insane of all the bangkok drivers.

          Good to see another member on the forum from asia.

          This is about as orderly as I've ever seen bangkok traffic.
          '88 BROS 650
          Race Tech Springs + Emulators
          Factory Jet Kit + UniPods
          Moriwaki exhaust
          Ohlins Shock
          Want : corbin gunfighter, black pearl wheels, 916 chain guard and lot's lot's more.