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Sup ya'll......

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    Sup ya'll......

    Well...wanted to discontinue my lurking and Say hello...

    picked up a 89 Hawk about 2 months ago....its getting a full makeover list is as follows:

    RC51 SP1 front end (forks, wheel, clip ons ,brakes,etc.) (got em...all but wheel)

    VFR 5 spoke rear wheel on the way (in the mail)

    RVF400RR RC211V replica body work from Tyga (coming soon)

    Hiper form sub frame and chain roller (in the mail)

    Custom undertail exhaust (made from a old 04-06 R1 can I have from my old bike) (in my head)

    Frame and swinger are going to be Powder Coated flat black..or textured black...still thinking on that

    So...that being said i will have ALOT of parts for sale


    Corbin Seat


    FRONT AND REAR wheels


    headlight kit

    yada yada

    will post all this up when i have time to take pics...the corbin seat is in awesome shape all is in great shape

    the bike is going to be a track bike alreay has a Fox shock so i am good there.

    So if you know anyone with an RC51 SP2 front wheel send em my way
    Lord Squidward of FloriDUH

    Here she is as of now.....

    And here is my other bike 2006 1000RR

    and my girlfriends 89 VTR250...thing revs to 14K!!

    Lord Squidward of FloriDUH


      Very nice ride man!!! Thanks for signing up!
      How much do you want for your corbin seat? Is it a gun fighter?
      Your bike is gunna look SICK after all the mods...I am very excited to see it. You should post picks as you do things so we can drool as your bike changes.


        yeah it is...

        $120 shipped?
        Lord Squidward of FloriDUH


          Is the lefty pipe spoken for? How are the forks set up? I'm looking for Progressive springs and cartridge emulators. What about those twin headlights? Are they part of the fairing, or are they separate and just sitting underneath? How much for this stuff?

          Welcome to the Forum!
          1988 "BlackHawk" project
          1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
          1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

          I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
          People who know ride Hawks. Riot


            the pipe is not spoken for as of yet...... make me an offer

            the headlight is all one unit with the cowl.....make me an offer

            the forks are stock
            Lord Squidward of FloriDUH