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    New Hawk Owner

    Hey there. I just picked up a Hawk Project and luckily I found this forum. Just searching has already been a great help.

    Here's my Hawk:

    It's an 88 with 3.5k on the clock. The original owner parked it after a close call about 10 years ago. Unfortunately he didn't think about parking it first. It still runs though.

    My biggest need is a tank. We looked at repairing this one but it's probably too far gone. I saw MR Cycle had a NOS for $328, but if I spend that much I might as well do the mod to the larger one. Also have a hole in the fender, so if anyone has stock body work that's taking up room just let me know. I'll post in the buy/sell shortly.

    Otherwise, the bike is in great shape considering. I've got the JD carb package and the fork seals/dust covers on the way. That rusty chain cleaned up pretty good. Here's a few hours later:

    Again, thanks for all the help you've already given me. I'll be sure to update!

    Dilli (George)
    Gilbert, SC
    1988 Hawk GT
    2003 Moto Guzzi EVT

    Sure looks better already!
    Brian - Richland, WA
    1991 Hawk GT
    1997 VFR


      welcome. Gilbert SC huh? My grandma used to live on the lake out there. I loved it out there.

      Your bike looks a lot better already. There is a front fender on fleabay if you have not already seen it. Doesn't look real nice though. Fenders seem to be listed pretty regularly on there though and are cheap compared to the seat cowl. I feel you pain on the tank. Seems like you can get a non-rusty but rough one for 100-150 range. The nice ones seem to go for a lot more. Lots of people do F2/F3 tanks, which are larger and easier/cheaper to come by, but require mods to put on. Several threads on that subject on here. Looking forward to seeing pics of your progress.

      this is a nice blue one that just popped up on ebay


        Welcome to the forum. Don't you just love the Hawk's aluminium frame, 19 years of being parked up and it still looks as good as the day it came out of the show room.
        '88 Bros NT650J
        Progressive fork springs, '93 CBR600 F2 fork caps, CBR900RR rear shock, Puig 'Raptor' fly screen
        Fabitappi Monoposto seat cover, Heated grips, Braided brake lines, Buell indicators/turn signals
        Ceramic coated stock headers with custom Yoshi shorty muffler & Muzzy collector


          Whats wrong with the tank? Looks good from the side you posted. Rusty insides can be fixed with creem tank sealer products.
          '88 Hawk GT
          '89 Harley FXSTC
          2008 Yamaha V-Star 1300 tourer

          " performance ain't perfect, but its loud, and its fast..." -Widespread Panic


            Thanks all-

            On the tank, it is compromised in a line about 4 inches long on the inside of the side. A similar line is forming on the other side, and it seeped up front as well. It's a stretch to repair, but that's my back up plan. If I can find a tank for a couple hundred or so I'll go that route first.

            I've got a friend with a paint booth so a rough but non-rusty one would be fine.

            I'm bidding on the fender on Fleabay. If the stock exhaust stays low I might take grab it up too.

            We moved to Gilbert about 6 months ago and love it out here. I spent many a day out on Lake Murray as a kid.

            Thanks again all. Next weekend I'll get going on the carbs!
            1988 Hawk GT
            2003 Moto Guzzi EVT