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Hello All Newb with a question here

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    Hello All Newb with a question here

    HI every one... VERY cool site! I frequant many boards and I must say this in one of the more active and cool sites I have been on.

    Quick question... I have been looking for a Hawk for a while without much luck. I have found one that has 25k on the clock, a few scrapes and scratches, dented tank etc... They wanted 3k (iknow that is too high) but I think he will sell it for around 2k. Seems to run pretty well.

    Is this a fair price for an 88? What are the things I should look for to make sure all is good?

    Thanks in advance, hopefully I can "really" join the club this week!


    I bought my Hawk about 8 weeks ago. I agree that this forum is awesome, both for entertainment and as a knowledge base for information. I have a 90 with 9K miles on it. A few dings here and there, but really sharp. So far it runs perfectly with the exception of a turn signal / wiring problem. It was listed for $2500 and I talked the guy down to $2000 - paid cash. the guy almost cried when I rode his (my) bike away.

    I live in Seattle and the bike market is really hot. For a few weeks bikes were selling for over bluebook just because of the demand. From all of the local research I did I would have gladly paid $2500, maybe a bit more for mine.

    What city are you in? Have you tried checking for big cities near you?
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      this site may help guide through the purchase woes

      Go for the faq, last link on that page.

      As far as the price I think mostly the opinion of the USA members is a good one for about $2000.00 (no doubt they'll correct me, if needed, when they wake up )
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        Thanks for the info all!

        Meeting this afternoon to take anoter look at her....


          Depending on where you are you may be interested to know that there is a one in the plattsburg new york area for $2800ish. Looks clean and in good shape.
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            I wouldn't pay over $3000 for a Hawk and it would have to be mint.

            Of course I would rather get a rough one and do the work on it to save some bucks.
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              Ok thanks to all for the links and information. Things did not work out today. Bike was just a little to rough for me. Actually it wasn't that bad and I liked the idea of taking it a part and fixing her up. The price just did not work for me.

              Looks like 3k buys a nice one, 2k for this one just seemed a little steep. Search goes on.

              I did get to ride it (my first ride on a hawk) and it was really cool! I have owned many bikes, and ridden even more. There is something special about that little bike! I love the way it felt, very light, low, and so slim compared to my viffer.... Just made the bug worse.

              I live in Ft Worth TX, if you all run across something in this area (have trailer will travel) shoot me a PM.... In the meantime I will scan the board here and see what other members may have for sale.

              Thanks again...



                Bill, a good Hawk in solid condition can be had - easily - for around $2500. 2K and under, you're (maybe) in fixer-upper territory (of course, I bought my '88 Hawk for $1875 in 2004, beautiful condition and only 9000 miles). Prices seem to have gone up slightly lately, but not that much. 3K for a banged-up Hawk? That guy's a jerk, keep looking.

                Me? After 3+ years getting to know the Hawk community, and this Forum, I think I might hesitate to buy a Hawk from someone who wasn't on the List or the Forum, unless I got to look the bike over. If it was a Lister I knew? I'd buy that sight unseen. It's a good bunch of people. Most Listers advertise their bikes (and parts and stuff, too) first with the price they've set, but then with the special "Lister price."
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                  3K for a Hawk? Mint, and/or with a full fan club treatment, maybe. If it needs work than you should negotiate or look elsewhere.

                  $2000 is average for a good stock Hawk; prices tend to be a bit higher when it's peak riding season. If there aren't any for sale in your area, and you really want one, $2500 at the most.

                  I bought my '89 for $1900 from someone who has owned and ridden other Hawks and Hondas and he put some work into the bike.

                  I can appreciate that Hawks are rare but at the 20-year-mark they have dropped in value compared to several years ago, before modern bikes started copying the Hawk. Maybe in a few years they will pick up value as classics.
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