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    1989 Hawk

    Hello everyone
    I bought my Hawk 06/23/07 at a local Honda shop here in Dallas. I lusted over the bike for three weeks before finely pulled the trigger. I canít believe the bike lasted that long. She is in perfect condition with 3,350 miles. The bike had one owner, is totally stock and they took very good care of it. The whole bike feels tight and new Iíll tell you it feels like the Trans is just starting to brake-in. I also have a V Strom that is also a fantastic bike. I have say thought when I got my Hawk I was more excited then I was when I got my first motorcycle at the age of 15. I still canít believe I got this bike, itís beautiful and a blast to ride.

    I hate to open a can of worms Ö..But the Hawk has what looks like the original tires on her and I would like to change to something more modern. Iím riding strictly on the street, Iím not concerned with mileage and would like something fairly sticky.

    Any Suggestions


    lucky b*stard, that sounds like a great find.

    Pirelli Diablos I had on last were fantastic, in the dry. Horriffic in the wet, but really, truly superb in the dry. I ran 110/70 front 170/60 rear on stock wheels.


      Congrats on the new Hawk, Cliff.

      I've run Michelin Pilots long enough to go through several sets, and they are very good. I've never had any tire induced drama, even with several trips to the Ozarks every year, semi-aggressive riding. I ran a 110/70 front and 160/60 rear. The 160 rear is plenty for a stock Hawk, but I bet the 170 looks pretty good. My riding buddies are ZX10, CBR1000RR, R6, and I have no problem keeping up (or pulling away )as long as the road is twisty.The only issue is the front tire seems to be a bit shorter and the speedo was off a bit more. Mileage is not spectacular, but I bought them for the grip.

      Enjoy the Hawk, it's a fun ride. I've had mine for 18 years!!

      '88 Blue
      Near Tulsa, OK
      1988 Blue Hawk GT, serial no. 1161, 153X cams, 40mm CV carbs, Unis, Supertrapp with competition end cap and 20 discs, Fox Shock, Corbin, F4i forks, CBR1100XX clip ons, ZX12 master cylinder, 954 calipers, wave rotors, Galfer lines, RS250 magnesium wheels, Holeshot Fly Screen, Acewell gauges, Durbhan hugger, Brembo mini GP rear caliper with thru swingarm line and RS250 rotor, mini- LED signals, carbon sidestand, Michelin Pilots, what else am I missing?


        too, and congratulations on what sounds a very nice find!

        Mine has the original tyres on as well (original suspension too), and while they are 'ok' (ish) they don't inspire a lot of confidence. Just had a nice day out round mid Wales on them though, and they got me there and back alright. I've been through some pretty torrential rain around very twisty roads on them too, the last few days.

        Over the years, I've managed to acquire a lot of confidence in Continental tyres with my all year round usage, heatwave, torrential rain, snow, ice (though I don't venture out if I know there is ice about, but sometimes you have to get home, hehe), gales, whatever, and was aiming to get a set put on before the winter. I think I'm going to pull that forward though, to keep the original set as very good condition emergency spares, and *was* aiming to get a set of Road Attack's (Edit: seems what I wanted for a front won't work, will have to come up with something else by the look of it - thanks again SkinnE) fitted in about 3 weeks. A friend is using them on his Honda Blackbird, and won't consider using anything else, which is quite encouraging - does ok mileage wise too apparently.

        ETA: Ahhh someone on the forum is using the Sport Attacks if I remember right, and gets on really well with them - they'd probably be a bit stickier than the Road Attacks. Must say I've never had a problem with Conti tyre grip though.