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Who the F**K is GTfever?

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    Who the F**K is GTfever?

    Who is this guy and why r u a dick?

    Im hearing so many "Im completely new to motorcycle mechanics" questions on this site and you guys think you can walk a newbie through it with a post.Unless you have someone who is mechanically minded to either do the procedure or show you in person how, I dont think you should attempt to do this yourself. If you dont have the money to take it to a mechanic I recommend hanging out at a local motorcycle hang-out and find a mentor and please please please Buy a service manual!!!!!
    Buy a service manual!!!!!!! Buy a service manual!!!!!!!!!!!!! it will get you moving in the right direction.... Sorry to sound like an A-HOLE but I just wanna save yall heartache, frustration,and money.
    You dont understand Motorcycle mechanics!!!!! Buy a service manual!!!!!!!!!!!! Take it to a shop!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep studying the service manual and someday you'll be ready grasshopper. sorry to be an A-hole but if you dont get the basic concepts you shouldnt expect to become enlightened from a post.
    I have read a few post where u diss the people on this site including me! We are all here learning about working on our Hawks. Who the fuck gives u the right to post ur asshole comments?

    I see ur new to the site this month and I would just rather u have not joined. This site is for people who love there Hawk and want to learn about working/cutomizing/modding them and if you have a problem with some of the questions that are asked about mechanics... keep them too your self!

    And the service manuals u keep telling us to read are poorly written and some of the jobs need a little more description... just like getting a Haynes manual!

    As far as I am concerned u can take ur shit some where else.
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    04 CRF50 pit bike and stunt runner...
    91 Suzuki GSF400 Bandit (she's a runner now...)

    I think the heat is getting to everybody... time to get out and ride!

    I think gtfever has a point.... but it is far better to try to be encouraging than to be discouraging. Folks ask questions here and other folks do their best to answer. I sometimes may give advice that doesn't quite fit the situation but it may be because I don't quite understand the situation or that I don't know what the questioner knows/doesn't know/ has tried already/ etc. If I'm wrong I expect to be corrected. Not scolded. And if something seems over the head of the member I hope they ask more questions or try to host a wrenching get together with other members (such as Douglas recent session). We should be here because we all have one thing in common- we love hawkgts/bros and we love to help out other hawkgt/bros owners. (well and deadlego, who just likes us )

    Please everybody lets be supportive!
    '88 Hawk GT
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      there are some things ya just can't find in a manual. such as my issue about why my engine was cutting out in high winds. I've been asking other riders that question for years, and I'd feel dang silly to ask a mechanic that question. I'm sure I'd get this response " ". but it took somebody that really knows a hawk forwards and backwards like the people of this forum to resolve my problem in less than a day. since hawks are few & far between, alot of mechanics around here have never worked on one. "mine" was the first for the mechanic I took it to when I first got it. then "I" had this look....

      ps: I do have a Hawk service manual that was produced by Honda. my brother insisted I get one. and I've used it on several ocassions, its got the black greasy fingerprints to prove it.
      1988 Honda Hawk
      mcra track crash truck


        Same here - I've got the official service manual and it says to "bleed the cooling system" but doesn't say how to go about this.

        I asked here, and it was answered very quickly.

        If I can jump in and help someone else, I will.

        We all had to start somewhere.
        I gotta have more cowbell