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    New Hawk Owner

    Hi everyone,

    Just picked up my 89 hawk this past weekend, which was left out in a shed for the past 5 years.. Been working on my 00 SV since I bought it about 4 years ago, so figured I can take on this restoration challenge.

    First thing, the tank was half full of nasty orange "fluid" and chunks of varnish and dark brown flakes. Believing these to be rust, I headed out to Home Depot today and picked up two gallons of phosphoric acid. Going to get some small nuts and try to get the tank cleaned this weekend. Will also replace the filter screen inside the tank, and ordered the fuel filter to pick up any left over gunk/flakes.

    Wish me luck, and hope to be able to enjoy my hawk soon!

    One question, what's everyone's thoughts on the replacement spark plug wires? The ones on the bike show cracks on them, and I'm wondering if I should search for OEM ones or are there aftermarket ones that are cheaper and better?


    Welcome to the forums!

    Check out for replacement parts for the wires. Looks like going oem however will be like 135 bucks... unless u can salvage the boots. I'm not sure about aftermarket.

    Good luck on the restore. It'll make riding your baby that much more sweet one you finish it.
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