picked up an 88 Hawk from the origional owner....not for me...for my wife as a starter bike...I myself ride a Ducati Monster 900 and have a love for streetfighters...especially moreso for V-Twin....here's where things get interesting though....this bike is a grey Hawk with a stage 1 jet kit and a SuperTrapp Exhaust and a 700CC kit installed on it about 8000 miles previous ago....odometer has 26K+ miles on it....as my wife was starting to ride it around the neighborhood to get aquainted with it and used to things and so forth (she took the MSF course weeks before hand and got her liscence)...I noticed it started to run hot....found there was no thermostat in the thing....replaced that and a new fan motor because it wasn't working and I bypassed it to make sure it was a bad fan....but now the fan still isn't working....read up a lil and I am going to replace the fan switch in the radiator next....but what about the bypass mod to manually turn on the fan?....can any one point me to the link or thread that has that....I might have to do that to her bike for her?......anyways....just thought I'd start by sayin hello and stuff!