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    Hi from San Francisco

    Hi all,

    I am a total newbie when it comes to Honda Hawks. I just completed my MSF course this past weekend and have been searching Craigslist for my first bike. I have gone from wanting to a Super Bike such as an R6 (not as my first bike) to falling in love with naked bikes.

    I have done research and determined that I wanted a Ducati Monster someday. I saw that Honda has the 919, which I love.

    As my search throughout Craigslist I stumbled on an NT650 and I was floored.


    I found a couple on Craigslist and can't wait to get one. I'm excited to get one and ride.

    Quick question, where in San Francisco can I get service and performance parts for an NY650?

    Thanks all

    Welcome to the club...
    You will find tons of info here...
    and could you please post some picture when you get your baby.
    We can't get enough them....


      Try contacting these members- and the next page has more hawkers in the bay area

      '88 Hawk GT
      '89 Harley FXSTC
      2008 Yamaha V-Star 1300 tourer

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        Thanks everyone...

        It's nice to belong

        I have been searching ebay and craigslist and have a couple of canidates... is there anything I should look out for?



          oh, yeah, look out for high prices.........Hawks are highly prized SF cultbikes and get topdollar.
          "It's only getting worse."

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            welcome!!! im in oakland.... yet another person to invite to the hawk/vtwin meet/ride///// slash...

            some sources for parts?, desmoto sport, and godspeed are the 3 sources i go thru... and ebay of course...
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              I am getting close to purchasing a 1988 Hawk with 17k miles on it.

              I went to go check it out last night and fell in love. The thing is sweet and doesn't really need anything.

              I'll keep everyone updated.

              Also is there a list of things that I should/can do to this bike to upgrade some of the parts? I have heard getting new front ends from other bikes (like the f2) but don't know what the adantage of that is? Is it basically just so you get a new electronic speedo/tach? Better handling?



                You've just opened a very big can of worms...

                Check out the FAQ/KB over on There is a link in a sticky in the Mech/Tech section here. It has common mods broken down by component eg: forks, brakes, intake, etc. The articles are pretty old now, but they are almost all still relevant.

                You can also go to the New Members section here and trawl through the posts. Most people who introduce themselves there also post up the mods they've done. Good way to get an idea of the popular upgrades.

                Basically you're first concern should be to sort out the 20 year old suspension, then you can choose between other performance vs. cosmetics mods.