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    New to the Forum...

    Well I finally snagged a Hawk last night.... Not my first bike by any means just a bike I've wanted since I started riding...

    I didn't have the money for it way back when when it was going to be my first bike...So I ended up on a used Suzuki Gs500e...(not a bad bike...). I've never lost the desire to have a hawk tho... Missed a few nice deals - always seems like I was 30 minutes late getting the info on them...

    Anyway..... I rescued a neglected and beaten 90 GT .
    It has a few good things going for it... a TBR exhaust...brand new tires and chain... 18k miles... newer looking tank... Corbin saddle ( I'm not a huge corbin Fan...I do upholstery myself so I always like to do my own seats...and the corbins weigh a ton..).

    Gauges intact but bracket is cobbled on... rear bodywork ugly and painted..most of the mounting points busted... Rear brake bracket busted..might be able to salvage it but looking at a replacement. Has some square headlight on it... needs to go...if I don't get a stocker I'm still replacing the square one...

    Put a charge on the battery to get it cranking over...gotta give it a good going over and I'll see what I've got...

    Time to get dirty...

    Welcome to the forum! There sems to be a ton of good info here and the members are great about getting you a good answer. Good luck with the fallen Hawk.

    88 Street Hawk
    F2 tank, Aztec8 dual 4", Duc seat and CF cowl, Stage 3 jet, Uni Pods, M4 stubby, SV650 clips, controls & fuel pump, GSXR front mc and CFB1000 front caliper, F3 forks upper and internals, Penske 8983, Gino RCR, rear jump plates & R6 pegs and Vapor gauge...
    04 CRF50 pit bike and stunt runner...
    91 Suzuki GSF400 Bandit (she's a runner now...)


      And welcome from a fellow Hawk forum newbie!

      I tell ya, I was in the same boat with the missed deals! But a fellow co worker was moving to Alabama and was buying a new Triumph so I got his for a good deal. I was fortunate in that is was running fairly well and all that's left to do is tweak it.