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It's about time to introduce myself

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    It's about time to introduce myself

    I'm SlyHawk and I'm a hawkaholic. I had my first taste in 1990 and again in 1995. Now after 11 years of sobriety I have fallen off the wagon. I have pulled a Hawk out of a guys garage and moved it to mine. I would like to give a big thank you to the posters on this sight. With your knowledge and JD at Hordpower's parts I have taken a nonrunning bird and made it fly in just a couple of weeks. It' still not much to look at, but I'm working on that.

    Thanks again for everyones imput and I should be posting more in the future.

    Hey, what's up slyhawk. I haven't exactly been here very long, lol, but I guess I will head the welcoming committee. Your bike is looking sharp, I like the hawks a lot in grey or black color. I am actually thinking about painting mine, but first I want to make sure it is running 100% before I start to do any cosmetic work to it.

    edit:Now that I take a closer look at the photo, it looks like the tank and fender are a dark green? What did you have to replace on the bike to get it running?
    1989 Red Honda Hawk GT


      Yeah, the tank and front fender are 92 Toyota Camry. The tail is a replacement. I am also planning on painting my bike.

      To get my hawk running first drained the tank. Then I pulled the carbs and cleaned the jets and needles. Then I replaced the plugs and installed a new battery. At this point the bike ran, but not very well. I pulled the carbs again and really worked on the jets. When I learned more about NT650s and jetting I realized that I needed a stage 3 jet kit to match up with the race cone non baffled supertrapp the bike came with. Rather then risking ebay, I went to and ordered JD's Uni Pod, jet kit, breather combo. I think if I would have told JD my set up he could of told me exactly what jets to use, but I used this website, and Factory's (jet kit company) recomondations and it worked out pretty sweet. I do have a slight shutter at 4500 rpms, but above and below it's sweet.

      A quick word on the spark plugs, the hawk is a dual spark system and the front spark plug is intended to be replaced with the the plug wrench from the tool kit. I don't have the hawk tool kit and the local Honda shop wouldn't let me borrow theirs. I ended up grinding a deep socket down to size for this job. I later found a chain saw spark plug wrench at a garage sale that fits prefect.

      I am now ignoring a charging system issue. I will dig into that when the season is over. I want to maximize my riding days and I can get by with using a battery charger in the meantime.

      Good luck with your Hawk