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    Introduction and questions

    Greetings from a new member, Troy from Atlanta. After years of lusting, I just purchased a 1989 Honda Hawk. It's got about 12,000 miles on it and is mostly stock. The previous owner described the exhaust system as Spec 2. Is anyone familiar with this set-up? It looks a bit like a two-stroke stinger system. I don't really like the way it looks, so I am thinking about changing to an M4 or D&D high mount system. Does anyone have any advice in this regard.

    Also, I doubt my bike is running properly. I took it out for a two-hundred miler today with friends. It handles great in the corners but I had a hard time keeping up with them on the highway and in the hills. I think the jetting is off or the carbs needs to be cleaned. Top speed was only about 75mph. What should I expect out of a almost stock NT650? I weigh about 190#.

    I have an SV650 track bike that would blow the Hawk away, so frankly, I am a bit disappointed. I am hoping that I can get it sorted. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Regards, Troy


    you should definitely be seeing more than 75... i bought my hawk earlier this year and its stock seeing 100+.

    i'm in ATL too by the way, good to see another hawk.



      hay troy
      you made it. Rejet throw that pipe away! regear 16 -45\46. that should help. Hord we have a new customer.
      1\2 Liter Duc Eater



        so there are two of you in ATL that I don't know...

        do you guys know about the Fall Eastern Hawk Rally this weekend at Barber/29 Dreams???


        I've got two hawks in north Atlanta. one is my wifes new street bike, one is Hawkenstein. I"ll have both in Alabama this weekend. bring the SV over and I can show you what the back of a hawk looks like from the track.

        just kidding... it is a fun bike to ride. I used to race an SV and still have the carcass in my basement. Need any spare parts???

        the hawks are much more fun. sounds like your jetting is way off. I just posted a big email to the hawk list about my jetting experiences. I just put pod filters and FActory 3.0 jet kit in my wifes hawk Sunday. HUGE difference in quality of ride. It had some sort of jet kit in it (K&N is my guess) but it sucked.

        come over to Birmingham this weekend. there will be at least a few of us on the track saturday... (6 or 7 that I know of, probably a few more). I usually run the FEHR but with my work schedule I didn't have time to plan a proper rally this year. I ran the East Coast Hawk Rally for a few years, but Kent Wells, the originator of the ECHR will be there this weekend on his streetfighter GSXR1k. will be good fun to ride with Kent again..

        See ya'll at the track!



          RE: ATL


          Wish I could make the rally this weekend, unfortunately I already have an ultimate tournament this weekend.

          We should get an Atlanta crew together sometime. I know another guy thats been riding hawks for a while up in Marietta and I also just saw a hawk for sale in Midtown on Craigslist (I posted about it in the Offsite section).

          Where are you in Atlanta?



            dunwoody area. I should have the wifes hawk street legal as soon as I can find the title and get a tag for it.

            will probably ride it down to the vortex some night when I am in town. I travel a lot so not around too much. used to ride my old red hawk up in north GA a lot. red hawk, white wheels, left exit Jim Davis exhaust system. great bikes for north GA.

            sorry you can't make it over. maybe next time. I ride with the floribama guys and there's a bunch of us with Hawks.

            Also keep in mind the Turkey Day track day (TDTD) that' is the Friday after Thanksgiving. Buddy of mine rents the track for the day (usually it's saturday but the Jennings aholes gave the date to another group even though we've done it the past 4 years in a row). Oh well, we'll make it work. there's always a bunch of us there.

            I"ll post some video from Barber when I get back. just got a nice bullet camera to try out on the track.