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Greetings from Ireland

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    Greetings from Ireland

    Hello all, just though i'd say hello. dont have any pictures as of yet but i'm currently riding '91 Bros 400 (black) for almost a year now. Loving it.

    Does anyone know of an online manual for it?

    Welcome to the list! Here's a site with most of the manual on it:

    The Hawk and 650 Bros are essentially the same machine. I'm pretty sure the 400 Bros only has a different lump.
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      Im with douglas on this the two bikes are basicly the same except for jetting and (I believe) the 400 is sleaved down version of the 650

      I ride a 88 nc25 bros 400 product 2

      The link that douglas gave is good I use it a lot
      heres a place that may help you also
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