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  • A couple introductions!

    As the forum grows I would like all the new people to introduce themselves(if they feel up to it) and I also STRONGLY encourage you to post pictures of your bikes in the Members Rides section of the forums. I love seeing pics of all the different hawks. Also, if you dont ride a hawk currently feel free to post whatever you ride.

    Anyway, my name is Dave and I am living in Moscow, Idaho. I ride a grey 88 hawk..well, used to. I have a broken shoulder atm so I can't ride this season..unless I am very very lucky.

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    My name is Jonathan, and I live in South Riding, VA. I ride a Buell Firebolt XB12R. My 3rd street bike was a Hawk, and I wish I hadn't sold it.

    I just bought a GT for my wife. 1990 w/10,000 miles for $1200. Torn seat, broken rear cowl tabs, leaking fork seals, rusted Kerker with pods, and suspect gauge cluster (drips of paint on it from a cheesy repaint of the guages)

    At $1200 it was probably a good deal, but now I have ordered M4 exhaust w/Ti can, Woodcraft rearsets and clip-ons, F2 tank, Monster seat, Monster rear cowl, Sportec M-1's, EBC pads, Vortex 520 rings and new chain, and fork seals.

    So my good deal is now costing me in the neighborhood of 4k (it will need paint) and i am totally upside down in relation to value. Doh! I like the bike, and am dedicated to seeing the project through. Alex Carlsons bike is the inspiration, I hope I can make it happen. Here is the the "Before" version, I will post as it progresses.

    If anyone recognizes this bike let me know. I suspect there is more history to it than the latest owner was aware of. He was not the re-paint, 120 on the front, pod/kerker kind of guy. I have the feeling the bike has been ridden pretty hard -

    Jonathan Broga
    90 Hawk
    04 XB12R


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      That bike looks pretty clean in the picture man. How many of the clips for the tail plastic are broken? My bike's tail was(i took it off) ziptied on..That one looks to be in much better shape.
      Also, You may want to re-post the image in the Members rides section so that we can follow your progress on it, or just move er on over there and leave all the text. Either way, sounds like your gettin ready, or are already starting to, dump quite abit of money into it. I'm excited to see the finished product!


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        My Wifes Bike

        The two rear clips are broken, I drilled a hole in both sides of the tail and tried to us zip ties, but my wife wasn't impressed. I have a 2" sch 40 PVC elbow wedged under the cowl up so it doesn't sag.

        The picture is from my phone, and it makes the bike look better that it is. It's a great $1200 bike for sure, but I am nervous about all these parts headed my way. I have one foot on the boat on one on the dock so to speak . . .
        Jonathan Broga
        90 Hawk
        04 XB12R


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          Hey - my name is Greg, from Colorado. Originally Iowa. Have an 88 GT I bought stock years ago and have modded a fair amount. Also into water-cooled VWs, rock crawling, etc etc.


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            Greetings from Richmond

            I'm relatively new to both motorcycling as well as Hawk ownership. My name is Nguyen and I live near Richmond, VA. I bought a '89 Hawk at the beginning of July for $1500 (sans front fender) and just passed the MSF course at the end of July.

            The bike really needs some bodywork so if anyone can help me out with some spare parts you have laying about, I'd love to chat with you.

            I need the following parts:
            • Front Fender (any color because I can repaint it)
              Rear seat fender (half of the mounts are broken and there's a crack in it)
              Licenseplate holder w/light (so I don't get tickets from the cops )
              Red Tank (my little brother decided to drop my bike at 2 mph so he put a 2 dents on the left side...ARGH! )
            '89 Hawk GT
            - CBR900 rear shock
            - Corbin Seat
            - Unipod filters
            - Supertrapp Exhaust
            - Smoked-lens JDM Front indicators
            - LED Rear indicators


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              Hi, My name is Ashton, and I live in Fort Worth, Tx. I ride a '89 Red Hawk. I have owned the bike for only 6 months, and have loved every second. The current mods are: Muzzy Full Exhaust and a K&N Filter. I look forward to getting to know all of the Hawk Riders out there.
              '89 NT650 Hawk GT
              '91 CR125
              '99 KX250
              '97 S-10 (AKA Bike Hauler)


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                Doug Thompson here... lister at, too - had my Hawk since April 2004 and it's my first bike. I've wasted no time modifying it though, so it's already sporting a Corbin seat, Vortex clipons and impossibly tiny CRG bar-end mirrors, fender eliminator, fully integrated taillight (blinker's in the tail now like the late model aftermarket stuff!), and clean-looking new blinkers up front. I just started painting her - black, of course - and this winter I'm looking at a modified CBR900RR shock, upgraded fork internals, and a Veypor GPS to replace the instrument cluster when I put the clipons underneath the triple tree!

                Even though I bought it in April, I didn't take the MSF course for my license until July 04. It's been just over a year now, and I've put 5000+ miles on it already.

                New York area Hawkers, let me know where you are! There's a group of us taking our Hawks up to Bear Mountain on August 27th!

                1988 "BlackHawk" project
                1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
                1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

                I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
                People who know ride Hawks. Riot


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                  Hi, my name is John and I live in Arizona. I've had my '88 blue hawk 3 years now. Can't leave anything alone so I've modded it here and there.
                  Gets most of it's use as a commuter. I have a 43 mile one way ride to work on beautifull 2 lane twisties so it is perfect for that. I'll post a pic or two and get into details later.
                  Nice to have a forum, I find them easier than a mailing list.