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noobs Jeremy and Traci

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    noobs Jeremy and Traci

    so, i've been riding for a while (first got greasy with my '72 norton commando) but the recently purchased '89 Hawk parked in our garage is Traci's first motorcycle. I must confess that the way she looks at the bike makes me not a little jealous. It's not difficult to understand, the bike is beautiful but it is a bit harder coming to terms with the shoe now being on the other foot - apparently, motorcycles can be just as good surrogate companions for the fairer sex.

    anyways, you've now got another fanatic to add to your fold.

    who knows, once i get this cooling problem figured out, you guys may have convinced me as well.

    jeremy (and traci via proxy)

    Welcome Traci and Jeremy.

    Jeremy what bike do you have?

    What is your cooling issue?
    BIKES: Honda: RC31 Racebike/ NT650 Streetbike, DUCATI: None at the moment.
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      welcome to the forums!


        sorry about that
        2003 kwakker zx-6r
        1972 norton commando (combat)

        as far as the cooling issue goes, we're trying to figure out why the bike boils over at a low engine temp (temp gauge reads mid-scale)

        several members of the forum are currently helping us with this issue