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    Denver Colorado


    I have been lurking and trying to learn more about the Hawk. I had to sell my '01 Honda F4i this season due to some economic circumstances, but in the years i had my bike, a friend of mine came up on the Hawk. I liked the naked bike look and that swingarm... So naturally, when i sold my bike, i started asking him if he would sell his..HAHAHAHA yeah...

    So next season, i will be actively looking to buy a bike and HOPEFULLY not start modding it. I had to stop modding on my car after the 43rd mod.. but by looking at you guys, I will fit in just nicely..

    So in the meantime, i will continue to look at everyone's mods and read/research what i need to look for in a hawk. I am not a mechanic, but i will get a manual and start reading it to know my bike better

    my old ride/commuter bike

    my only commuter now what a sleeper

    so, i will be a lurker and bike hunter till next year and whatever else comes around


      hi, just joined today.

      I'm from Ireland, where the bros was notorious for being imported by couriers and driven into the ground by them. I bought mine from a courier, but mine is in pretty good nick. I think he looked after it. It was really cheap too (you don't get many running bikes cheaper than this cost me). So it has an unsure history, but it seems pretty stock. The tank has been replaced but it's from another bros, only the key is different.

      I bought in in August 09, I study far from home so I've only been able to ride it for about 6 weeks (cumulatively) since August. I've put up 7000km on it in that time (it's my first bike). I'mm halfway through servicing it for the first time. Lots of sall things wrong but it should fix up nice. Fork seal and a broken throttle cable are my biggest worries right now. The seals were gone before i put up 7000km on it, so I hope the fork legs are ok inside. I have a friend who is helping me to service it, he's pretty handy with the bikes. So far I've done oil and filter change, braided front brake line + bleed, air filter. have some parts left to install (fuel filter, new fork seals + oil) and some new things to buy and fit (new spark plugs, rear brake pads, throttle cable, chain and sprockets). Now I realise why it was so cheap to buy

      I'm planning a few small mods for it like renthal bars, maybe some mini indicators etc... the usual cosmetic stuff it has aftermarket bars on it but I'm not too fond of them, looks wise. Just bought some new levers (CRG roll-a-click copies from hong kong as per the lever compatibility thread)

      Here are some recent pics:

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        San Francisco Newbie: WTB

        Hi All,

        Bay Area Newbie here. I've always wanted a hawk and now's my chance! My last bike was stolen on Sunday =( So I'm using this opportunity to finally pull the trigger instead of just trolling the classifieds.

        If you know anyone interested in selling please send them my way - much appreciated!



          Hello all! Newb here. Lovin the site. Just picked up a 1990 Hawk GT here in Chicago. Man this thing is a blast to ride! This is my 6th bike but so far my favorite! I will post some pics in members rides.


            Thanks for putting together this great forum.


            I just purchased an 89 Hawk GT and picked her up this week. I'm grateful for this site and tip my hat to its administrators and members. I look forward to talking more about the mighty Hawk in its many forms in the days to come. I hope to learn a lot here and then in time, help others in return.



              Newbie here. I've been an Ascot owner for 3 years (two of them) and picked up a pristine red '89 RC31 last weekend. My enthusiasm was instant as I am already a big ascot fan. I also have a '04 ZX12r and a '81 Husqvarna 430XC.
              I've had lots of big bore street bikes and dirt bikes, but some of my favs are the smaller bikes, like the S3 (KH400) that was my first street bike and my '78 RD 400 track bike. I'm here looking for info on how to make my Hawk run better and of course faster


                Hi, Edwin here,

                I've ridden for twenty years in UK, now moved to Sydney, Australia, had Kawasaki GPZs first then 3 x Triumph 595s and 955s but wanted a bike I could work on and commute with, always remember the NTV650s in London being the dispatch riders choice so decided to get a Honda Bros 650 imported from Japan, pretty stock 88 model with 20,000kms on the clock, now want to start to tinker.


                  Hello everyone! I am James and have joined the forum today.i am looking forward to gain some knowledge from here.




                    newbie from sf bay area, just stopping in to say hello. been lurking for awhile now, decided it was time to join the fray. just finished my msf course, still in the market for a bike, and leaning heavily towards the hawk.

                    if you all have any promising leads (ha!) feel free to shoot them my way!



                      New Hawk in Indiana

                      Hey all! I've been hanging around as a registered member for about a month now without introducing myself, so excuse my tardiness.

                      I got my '90 Hawk just a month ago, rode it home to Indy from Decatur, IL on the day I bought it, and have loved it more and more every moment since it's been mine. It's my first bike, and I couldn't be more pleased with my decision.

                      Completing my first mod this weekend, as my new mirrors just showed up yesterday (sorry to anyone who likes the stock bunny ears )

                      Looking forward to hanging around here with all of you and learning!
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                        here at last

                        Its finally arrived from Japan. Handle bars are really strange for me and will have to be changed for clip ons. The supertrap exhaust sounds nice and I like how it is a shorter set up then most of the ones I've seen on this site. Now I just have to find time to ride.

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                          Hi Everyone!

                          Another newbie name is Mike and I'm from the Atlanta area. Had an '89 model back in 1990 then sold it a few years later. After much remorse and regret, bought a '88 recently and couldn't be happier! I've owned many streetbikes large and small over the years and this has always been my favorite. Thanks to all the fine folks here for keeping the love for this bike alive!


                            Originally Posted by Ancon View Post
                            New member here. I stumbled onto this site as well after researching a 1989 Honda Hawk that's for sale in my area. I don't currently have a Hawk but may soon.

                            Seeing that I am now a full-fledged/dues-paying member , can I ask some advice from you Hawk owners?

                            I remember riding a friend's Hawk several year's ago (when I had a Yamaha FZR 1000), but don't remember much about the ride, power, agility, etc. I've got a pretty good line on what looks like a well-kept Hawk close to me (doesn't run--dead battery), but I'm concerned about the size/power of the bike (or lack thereof). I'm 5'9" and go about 200#. Should I be concerned? I'm afraid I'll look and feel like a gorilla trying to ride a turtle
                            Hi,,I am 5'8"..200 pounds..The Hawk really has the power to "move me"..It is light and handles very well..a few mods can make it a fine track bike..I suspect that you will like it..
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                              hello Im Jim from the Philippines. Guests are welcome to ride our bikes and join trackdays here in the Philippines. no licenses needed, trackdays for $40 only and the rest can be sponsored

                              I'd like to ask if u have a fair resolution image of Henry the Hawk. Im overseas and Im trying to get my local decal shop to make one. If ever there is one u may share thanks loads.

                              Difficult thing here is that spare VFR750 wheels are hard to come by, much more for those 700 kits. But we are a battery manufacturer so running on total loss can be track assisted.



                                Greetings all,
                                came upon your fantastic site when attempting to buy my first bike,Honda 650 Bross.Have to say I didn't get the bike but could'nt leave without being part of this.the members hear have some incredible,in some cases radical,bikes which are right up my street,I love things that are a little
                                different from the rest.
                                I'll keep in touch. Dave.

                                P.S. ride it like you stole it.