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    Hi all, not been on here much since joining. My honda bros 400 1989 has been a project for a few years, now running but has headlight issue. I get high beam but no low beam. If i use pass switch it blows fuse. Parking light wires not attached( at least theres two wires just hanging out at front with tape over ends, which i assume are for parking lights) indicators, rear light and brake light all fine. This is my first project and I've muddled my way through so far. Not really sure what I'm doing but have multimeter and aim to test wiring tomorrow to hopefully solve that problem. Any info or advice from those who know more about this stuff will be appreciated. Not sure if it's possible to wire up lights on a separate circuit if I can't figure a way to fix it. Fingers crossed, it's so close to being rideable


      Can't help much with the wiring as (1) I suck at it and (2) not familiar with the pass switch. But my advice is this: get to the root of the problem, you've most likely got a short somewhere and you don't want that to become a bigger issue, like draining your battery or worse causing a fire.
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        The first thing I would check would be
        the bulb in the headlight.

        It is an H4 halogen and there are
        separate filaments for the low and high
        beam. Low not working is probably that
        filament is cooked. They usually go
        first....high beam not used much.

        Possible that the broken filament is
        bridging the supports in the bulb and
        causing the fuse to blow....that is a reach....but replacing the bulb just might
        be all that is needed.
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          Thanks, I'll check it first


            if pass switch is causing fuse to fail could possibly be wiring in switch and/or connector plug in headlight. Check route of wiring from switch to headlight to make sure it hasn't been trapped at some point.
            Have you had switch apart?