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    Howdy ho

    Hey all. Name's Grant, currently stationed down in San Antonio (in case there are any fellow Hawkers down here...). I actually joined the Hawk ranks a few months ago but only recently started really tearing into it. Just put Mr. Hord's pod/jet kit combo in so i'm sure there will be questions coming on that. Anyhoo, look forward to hearing from everybody!

    Hey Grant are you at Lackland or Sam Houston?

    Welcome to the club.

    Do you know any of the Rough Riders MC down there?
    BIKES: Honda: RC31 Racebike/ NT650 Streetbike, DUCATI: None at the moment.
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      I'm actually at Brooks - the base the AF forgot...

      I don't know any of the Rough Riders, but I've heard of them around here. Haven't been riding enough lately to get to know many people, unfortunately. Originally from PA, so I still can't really stomach riding when it's over 90 degrees yet, which it has been since about June...