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First Hawk. Will my fourth bike be my last?

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  • dagus
    Ah, a kindred spirit!!! WOOOOT!

    Isaac, nice job on those two 'fightered bikes! Hawks are way fun to customize. Check out the FAQ and photo album on for some good ideas.

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  • Hawk Jr
    Nice timeline and welcome to the Site!

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  • isaac
    started a topic First Hawk. Will my fourth bike be my last?

    First Hawk. Will my fourth bike be my last?

    Hey everybody!

    I've been a rider for almost three years now. A mini-timeline:

    Started with pristine 2,000 mile 1999 Suzuki GZ250 and riding that thing like a wild man.

    Sorry about the shirtless pic. It's the only one I have.

    Then moving up to a monstrous 82 GSX750 that was 550lbs and 80hp of horror on wheels. It was fast as hell, but way too long and top heavy for me. It was scary to try to ride that bike fast around corners. It also introduced me to customizing bikes. I loved it.

    Then I found a deal I couldn't refuse in a $300 82 GS850 with an engine in pieces, put it together, and have an oil leaking black monster that I then customized to my liking.

    I then sold the big green and bought a series of cars before selling enough to buy another bike. I looked on craigslist and ebay for a month, then saw it, a bike I'd never heard of, a Hawk GT. It was a basket case of cosmetics, but ran. It had three days left. I looked up some info on it, decided it was perfect, and was fierce with watching the auction. I knew it'd be mine. I won, and it was.

    First day home:

    It had me at "wheelie".

    I've since painted the cowling black, replaced the front tire with a maxxis supermax, changed the chain/sprockets and cush drive (only HALF the rubbers were there at all), and cleaned the UNI pods (which I didn't know about until I pulled the tank) and carbs.

    It pulls like a monster now, and I'm very impressed by the light weight and strong handling. I love this bike and ride it almost daily.