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Newbie from Fresno, CA

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    Newbie from Fresno, CA

    Hello HawkGT FORUM!!

    My name is Michael and I am a full time student of Mechanical Engineering and Japanese at Fresno State University. I have dreamed of owning a Hawk GT ever since my buddie told me about it earlier this year.

    I am proud to say that I have now been a motorcyclist for a full year now

    My friend has owned a Ducati Monster ever since we finished H.S. and he kept telling me to "Get outta the cage and on a bike" and I finally got the chance last Nov. ('05) when I got my motorcycle permit and purchased a 1993 Suzuki GS500E with just 11k miles.

    I got my full licence a couple of months later and since then I've mastered what little riding skill I have with the GS500 and I am getting ready to make the next step, which of course will be on a Hawk GT650!

    I plan on purchasing a low mileaged (8-15k) bone-stock Hawk GT sometime this winter/spring. The Suzuki has done very well for me and I am glad to have learned the ropes on it. I've never dropped it and I love to run it up on my favorite mountain hills that I used to drive my Supercharged MR2 on (see my homepage).

    Here is a picture of my 1987 MR2 during an Autocross event about 4 years ago. I retired the MR2 two years ago and it is currently serving as a flower planter :cry: I had imported a Supercharged engine from Japan and put on a larger Toyota SC unit from a Previa Van, and with my first homemade water/alcohol system, it developed 280 HP @ 17.5 psi in its day. Not too shabby from 1.6 liters in a car that only weighed ~2300lbs.

    Currently, besides my bike, my other mode of transportation is my 1981 Toyota Hilux shortbed pickup:

    These and other pictures of it may be found on my myspace at

    The key ingredients are a Supercharged 1995 2.7l Tacoma engine, Triple Marlin Crawler T/cases with a single 4.70:1 gear set (low range is 510:1), 37" Pitbull ROCKERs, Electric Toyota Lockers F/R with High pinion in the front, chromo axles all around, and Marlin Crawler 4" USA Suspension and DOM body armor.

    The truck is straight up wicked and fun to drive around town with 200 HP & 250 TQ outta the 4 cylinder, but when the Suzuki makes 50 MPG, I just can't ignore it. Plus I save nearly 10 mins on average thanks to lane splitting and getting to cruising speed instantly on my commute to college every day.

    Well, that's the long version of my introduction. I'm not sure if anyone here knows about Marlin Crawler Inc or not, but if so, then you'll recognize me as Marlin's son and the website and forum admin at

    As for the Hawk that I am looking for, the one in the For Sale Section from Colorado Springs with 8800 miles is pretty much exactly what I am looking for, however I will not be ready (financially) until at least March.

    I am definitely interested in meeting everyone here and learning more about the Hawk so I can make sure that the one I buy will give me many excellent years of use and love

    Merry Christmas

    Good stuff man. Welcome to the board. Looks like with the GS500 as your first bike the Hawk should feel pretty familiar. Just don't be shocked when the first time you nail the gas the torque threatens to flip it over backward.
    '88 Hawk GT - back in the saddle
    '99 Suzuki GZ250 - the first

    '87 Suzuki GSXR1100/1207cc - traded to get my Hawk back


      yo, welcome.

      When you start looking for a bike check frisco's craigslist, pretty clsoe for you and that city has more hawks then they knwo what to do with. Hell if I hadn't foudn mien down here I was gonna drive up and get one


        isaac, yeah I am really looking forward to the Hawk. When I first saw the tach on the Hawk, I knew it has to be all about torque. I have driven a 1970-something Honda 750cc, which seemed to be slower than my 500, but about two months ago I drove a 2006 R6, and MANN I have no experience with a power bike like that, I know its just the R6, but it was fasssst for me. I can hit 120mph with my 500, and thats already good for one night in jail. I would kill myself if I had some 1300cc or something hahahaha ohh man

        So yeah I am really looking forward to the 650 Hawk. I know it will be a huge step up in both power and handling. About the front forks, I am already accustomed to garbage forks on the Suzuki. They bottom out whenever I brake hard, and I only weigh 165.

        Keiran, yup I am very familiar with craigs list. In fact thats where my buddy bought his Ducati from (South Bay).



          Welcome to the forum and good luck on the Hawk and find.

          Loved those old MR2's in the day... just not the crazy handeling they had.

          Truck looks like a blast.

          88 Street Hawk
          F2 tank, Aztec8 dual 4", Duc seat and CF cowl, Stage 3 jet, Uni Pods, M4 stubby, SV650 clips, controls & fuel pump, GSXR front mc and CFB1000 front caliper, F3 forks upper and internals, Penske 8983, Gino RCR, rear jump plates & R6 pegs and Vapor gauge...
          04 CRF50 pit bike and stunt runner...
          91 Suzuki GSF400 Bandit (she's a runner now...)


            Trucks cool
            Football is called football.. not soccer !!!
            Your american football.. you use your hands 90% of the time !!!


              I haven't been on in a looooooooooong time. Pretty much nothing has changed I'm still on the GS500, but this summer is looking pretty good for a Hawk upgrade

              I'll keep in touch!


                Love the MR2 Mike. Too bad it's gone to the graveyard. I used to have an '01 MR2 spyder but had to sell it when I had my first kid. They are certainly fun cars.

                Scour SF craigslist, there are a few on there right now and the prices are getting higher as the weather gets warmer. I'm so glad I took my brother's advice and bought mine in the winter.

                Best of luck in your Hawk search.


                  Hang out here more often and I bet you will find a HAWK!
                  BIKES: Honda: RC31 Racebike/ NT650 Streetbike, DUCATI: None at the moment.
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                    Hey, welcome! I came off of a GS500e as well, mine was a '98 orange and black... here's a pic of my old bike:

                    Just something I wanted to make you aware of if you have not driven a stock Hawk yet, power wise it is not a very big jump from the GS500. It DEFINITELY has more torque, but it is not a huge amount. With some mods it'll give you even a bit more, but you don't buy a Hawk for massive power. Here are the main (practical) benefits over the GS in my opinion:

                    1) Aluminum frame - the GS is a rust bucket pretty much all over. The frames on those things rust like nobody's business... lol. Also the stock headers, even V&H aftermarket on mine looked like they were left in the rain for 40 days and nights.
                    2) Valve adjustments - on the GS the valve adjustments are every 4000 miles! The Hawk I *Think* is 16k... but it seems most people on here let em go until they start ticking at 30k or so... lol
                    3) The swingarm! (OK so this is not really a practicality thing unless you are racing, but it looks BADASS, and is the coolness)
                    4) Better suspension people actually rag on the Hawk stock suspension, but it's a lot better than the GS suspension. Definitely more confidence inspiring, I'm assuming this has a lot to do with the frame etc... but the GS actually handles pretty good, and the Hawk is way better stock... and with mods, look out.

                    Plus, it's just a cooler better looking bike all around... lol
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                      Welcome .
                      Ride & Race, Desert, SuperMoto, Road Courses, & rip up the canyons.
                      Been riding & racing for going on 40 years.
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