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    Hey everyone. My name is Dave, otherwise known as the Cherry Lake Hermit. As you might guess from that, I live alone at Cherry Lake, right next to Yosemite National Park. I know, it's pretty rough. My mailbox is 17.5 miles away, but if I take the bike those 175 corners sure are fun. Both ways. I've been Hawking for several years now. Been on the Hawklist for 8 or 9 years. Been lurking here for about 30 minutes and I have to say, it's a pretty cool forum. Hopefully the traffic will pick up a lot, but it's a darn good start.

    My bikes: '88 Hawk fairly trick, '29 Indian fairly in pieces, '68 Triumph in even more pieces, '72 XL250, '85 RZ350, Guzzi cruzzer, Virago chopper, '01 Vstrom 650 which I'll be selling later this summer (need the $$ for my recently purchased house), and soon to own a '78 SR500 thumper. Most are projects, some run. I'll get into details about my hawk when I can get some pics up.


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    Hey Dave! Good to see you finally got around to joining!

    Yeah, the traffic around here has been kinda slow lately, but I think all it needs is someone (like me) to spur up some interesting conversation (a.k.a. post whoring). Looking forward to those pics, and welcome to the Forum!
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      Dave, good call on signin up! Sounds like you live in a very beautiful area! I wish I could
      I hope to see you on here posting up a storm! The more posters we get the faster it will grow I think.
      I am looking forward to some of those pics as well.


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        Sup man.
        Watch out for those Grizzlies!
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          Hey everyone. Thanks for the welcome. I'll try to be active around here, but it may be hit and miss for a while. I just bought a house and I'm beginning the remodel this week. So no bike project work for a while I'm afraid. Also, I don't have anywhere to post my pics, so it may be a while before I can get those up too.

          Speaking of bear incidents, I encountered a big black bear on my morning hike a couple of weeks ago. I guess I wasn't making enough noise and he was snoozing in the sun just on the other side of the manzanita. I just heard this big 'whoosh' as he exhaled while standing up not 5' away from me. He was up higher than I was too so standing on his back legs he looked about 12' tall! He was all backlit in the rising sun, giving him a nice blonde halo around the edges of his fur. He just stood up and ran the other direction. Most of the black bears around here are chickens, but I was a little surprized that this guy was as he's probably 300-400 lbs. All in a days work.


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            You can go to to host pictures for you..Its a free service. I was gunna make a tutorial on it, but yea, it seems to work great.
            Thats awesome about the bears..I guess a scary way of meeting one, but its nice to see them out and about everyonce in awhile. Refreshing to me anyway!
            Sounds like an awesome picture should have been had..a kodak moment!