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  • Bought Another Hawk...uh Bros

    Hi All,

    Well I have been a member (uh really lurking) for sometime, but figured I should intro myself since I have bought another NT 650 (had an 89 Hawk back in the States a few years back). Long story short, retired out of the military couple years ago and moved with my better half and the kids down to Australia. After a few years of working through the "life reset" decided it was time to find another NT and found this Bros for sale and grabbed it about a year ago. As you can see from the pictures, the bike works just like my wife likes it....not at all. Which is ok since I am just gonna take my time and work to get it back in road worthy shape as time permits. As I have little experience turning wrenches, figure I will use the Bros slow build as kinda of learning lab and do my best to "apprentice" from the forum (the work, skill and knowledge of the members is pretty amazing).

    So first thing is a bit of tear down and clean, get the tank sorted (gas varnish), get some parts I have at the folks place back in the States shipped over (yes, I have given JD and others a few of my coins in a past life, there is Penske sitting in a box that needs to travel this way). Some pics attached as I know the first rule is gotta have pics or it did not happen (and one for SPA).


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    Welcome back to the fold! If you've got varnish in the tank, I'm guessing you'll need to rebuild your carbs as well. Would also be a good time to replace all your fuel lines; I once took in an older bike that had been sitting, and the fuel lines were so brittle they started cracking. Likewise, replace/upgrade your brake lines. OEM bits are pushing 30 years old.
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      welcome, hawks aren't bad to work on. good source of knowledge around here and lots of amazing people.
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        Hey there, Mr. mcl!

        Consider starting a Build Thread so we can follow your progress.


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          I'm pretty sure punani juice is the official liquid Aloha

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