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Hi From East Sussex, UK

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    Hi From East Sussex, UK

    Hi, just bought a 1989 Honda 400 Bros with around 42000kms. Seems in good condition, runs etc. Fitted with a Two Brothers exhaust system. Looking forward to my new 'project'
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      Nice! Welcome to the fold!
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        Nice bike, great forum


          welcome. The forum is a great source of info


            nearly forgot WEmoto are near you and have got 10% off YSS rear shock absorbers until Sunday 15th July
            link is for 650 but applies to 400 too!


            7, Grange Road Industrial Estate, Albion Street, Southwick, Brighton BN42 4EN
            Phone: 01273 597072


              FYi, as far as I'm aware 6 - Sigma is the only company that has Bros NT400 Jet kits available. Usually bikes come lean from the factory but any intake or exhaust mods and you'll need to re jet to keep your pistons from melting.

              I believe member BigAndy has a build thread or jetting thread for his NT400

              Welcome to the cult

              Aloha Spa

              oh ... usually found on ebay as well, maybe Amazon

              link >
              6 Sigma Jet Kit
              NT400 Bros MK Jet Kit

              NT400 Bros MK Jet Kit
              NT400 Bros MK Jet Kit
              NT400 Bros MK Jetting Kit Includes
              • NT400 Bros MK Main Jets
              • NT400 Bros MK Needle Adjusters
              • NT400 Bros MK Nylon Needle Spacers
              • NT400 Bros MK Slide Spring Modification
              • Drill Bits for
              • NT400 Bros MK Slide Hole Modification (optional)
              • NT400 Bros MK Idle Mixture Modification
              • NT400 Bros MK Intake Airbox Modification
              • NT400 Bros MK Exhaust Modification
              • NT400 Bros MK Tuning Tech
              • NT400 Bros MK Bike Specs
              • Carb Schematic
              • Carb Synchronizer Tool (how to build for $5)
              • Step by step instructions with photos for ease of installation.
              • Installation Support
              Please Select the Following Information
              Stage 1-7
              Stage 1 $49.50Stage 2 $49.50Stage 3 $49.50Stage 7 Race $49.50
              Air Filter Type
              Stock Filter Stock AirBox Stock Filter Modified AirBox Hi-Flow Filter Stock AirBox Hi-Flow Filter Modified AirBox Individual Pod Filter /s Custom Intake
              Exhaust Type
              Stock Exhaust Modified Stock Exhaust Hi-Flow Muffler / Slip On Complete Aftermarket Exhaust Straight Pipes
              Altitude / Elevation Riding Range
              Sea Level-1500 feet 1501-3000 Feet 3001-5000 Feet 5001-8000 Feet Above 8,000 Feet
              Year, Make, & Exact Model
              Other Mods, Brand of Exh/Int
              Please Include any more Information needed to Design your Jet Kit
              • * Indicates required field
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              This is a Custom Designed Performance Jet Kit.
              We give a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Refund on each Kit.
              Fill out the information, and Engineering will design the kit per your specifications.
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                found the right place to ask people for help if you need it, if you do need anything Iím only in Kent and always happy to help out where I can if you need anything?


                  Welcome Mr. Davidoff!
                  Bi-Coastal U.S.A.: Los Angeles, CA and Long Island, NY