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    old hawk, new member

    just checking in, so hello to all.

    i am happy to find this forum. i have an 89 hawk. i am the original owner, it was bought new in 91 or so. originally red, it is now painted in a nifty black/white/red motif which mimics the old arai adamo helmet - the lines of the hawk fit that zig-zag perfectly.

    the bike is stock mechanically - i did have the shock reworked and spring changed, along with the fork internals by - i think . . . . . . . darn, can't remember who did that. it has a spec II end can, rejet, and some spec II clip-ons also. new tires, but not very good ones , sadly. i need new tires.

    i was in love with the bike since the day i saw it. previously i owned 2 CB 400 F's, and a couple RD's ( and various dirt-bikes ). i live in WI, and the kids are growing up so i hope to add to the 10K miles on the odo in years to come. i have a few buddy's that continually rag on me to get a new motorcycle - and my answer is always the same - if somebody ever makes a better one i will think about it. the only bike i would consider over the hawk to this day would be an original RC 30 which i will admit i REALLY lusted after - otherwise i am still waiting. . . . . . . . . .

    i haven't seen or been on a hawk forum in around 10 years - forum tech was pretty klunky then, i guess it was a newslist type thing. i look forward to seeing what other guys are doing with their hawks these days !!

    Still is a listserve! Head over to and sign up for the email list -- or at least check out the FAQ and archives! There's a lot of good info there.

    Welcome to the Forum!
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      Post up some pics!!!

      Welcome to the "Nation"
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        right then

        i gotta find some stuff, but stand by for a few pics of the adamo-hawk. i like it, but ya never know. i am getting pretty jazzed about some of the ideas i see here !


          welcome to the forum and if you see something you like don't be afraid to ask about it.
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