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Yeah, so I need another project...

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  • Yeah, so I need another project...

    Well as the title says really, I accidentlyed another bike and this time its a Bros 400.

    I have a vague understanding of what can be done to the bike and have a couple of ideas of what I want to do. In short I think I just keep the frame and arm and replace everything else?

    But thats why I'm here to get some technical info and come up with some ideas, so time to browse the forum for ideas...

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    Welcome squirrel-hunter!
    Have any pictures you can post?
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      Well here it is then:

      It ain't pretty but neither is its owner. Its loosely assembled as thats not how I dragged it in and out the van. In short, the tank is full of rust, the radiator is shot, there is a twist in the front forks, and the bike was clearly stored outside and with its engine covers off. I've got no body work and there are some other bits missing, it looks like someone started to do something and then stopped. But I've got what I need from it.

      I think I'm going to start with a replacement engine, build that and then work on the running gear. After that work out what look I want and then graft a tank and rear plastics on. I think I'll end up fabricobbling a new sub frame and mounts for that. Oh and I understand I need to sharpen a hammer to get a rear wheel in to match the front end swap. So if there is a diagram with measurements kicking around I'd be interested to see that, I'm thinking of going Italian.


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        Good luck with your project.
        I'd say the Hawk of the Month thread would be a great place to peruse some pictures of different Hawks for ideas and inspiration with your build.
        Good luck and post pics as you go through the process.