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  • Hello! Bros NT400J owner

    Hey folks! New here but have had my 1988 Bros 400 since 2019, Scotland based.
    Long story short, it was stolen in October and I've finally managed to recover it. By some miracle the important parts are mostly intact and engine in no worse condition than when it left me. The peripherals, however... It'll be a good wee budget rat bike project over the winter months anyway. Will probably have a fair few questions about wiring & compatibility for replacement parts :L
    Happy to be here and looking forward to exploring the forum~

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    Hello. Glad you got it back.
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      Welcome, I’m over the border in Yorkshire, if I can be of help.


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        'ow 'bout some photos,eh lad ?
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          Originally Posted by squirrelman
          'ow 'bout some photos, lad ?
          Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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            Originally Posted by squirrelman
            'ow 'bout some photos,eh lad ?
            Good shout

            Just pulled some images off my phone after assessing it properly the other day. Mirrors, levers, indicators, etc, are all gone, as would be expected, and headlamp is intact but rim bent. Annoying but not an issue to replace. Already have a new ignition coil & petrol cap installed. Got the engine running and sounded as normal, thank goodness. Rear subframe is slightly bent - nothing irreparbale though. Looks like the biggest pain is going to be figuring out replacement clocks and doing something about the rear cowl. Cowl plastic has a few cracks but, aside from the tabs that attach it to the bike, is somehow mostly intact.

            Let's... let's not talk about the horrendous rattle-can paint job. Thankfully comes off with a wet cloth, so not too worried about that atm.

            It is mainly little niggly things. The group that stole it have a reputation for burning bikes out once they're done with them, so I was honestly expecting a lot worse. Goal for now is to keep the cost down as much as possible while getting it roadworthy again
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              Who does that? Stealing it is one thing... Making it stand out like that is begging to get caught.
              Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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                Those thieves need to be taken out back and shot.

                Glad you got your bike back and good luck getting her all back together.