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  • Hawk GT part II

    I’m new here, this is my story. My favorite motorcycle of all time is the Hawk GT. I was finally lucky enough to own one around twenty years ago. Had it for a few years, got restless and sold it. Have regretted it ever since, especially since the girl I sold it to used to come in for parts to the Honda dealer I worked at. That bike was a grey 1988 (VIN 0184). Mods included Two Bros exhaust (not sure if it was jetted), Corbin seat, homemade rearset plates, F2 clipons, SS brake lines ( rear routed thru swingarm), larger rear sprocket with 520 chain conversion, small National Cycle windscreen, Metzeler Lazers.

    Last week I finally found and pulled the trigger on another Hawk, another grey 1988 (VIN 0259), with about 22k miles. Bike is solid, not hacked up. Bike was a CA bike, originally owned by an older engineer, bought in 2003 by the last owner, also an engineer/roadracer ( Ive found engineers usually take care of their stuff). He moved it to CT in 2011, and put about 120 miles on it since. Tires on it are date code1402. Mods include Supertrapp exhaust, mild jetting (bigger mains I assume for the exhaust), Corbin seat. Came with a Lockhart fairing ( needs side brackets, where do I find those?), the hard to find (I think) side panel inserts (anybody know who made those?), and a new set of tires. Apparently it had one mild incident, as the speedo was replaced at 17k miles due to mild damage, as well as a scratched headlight bezel, front fender has a scuff, and front brake lever is tweaked. Rear cowl piece is solid, no cracks or breaks which Im happy about. Bike has some oxidation to fork tubes and engine cases, which last owner said happened since it moved to the great humid northeast US.

    My plans are to do a mild resto mod. Clean it up. Refresh as many rubber bits as I can, SS brake lines and new pads, chain and sprockets, refresh forks (springs, oil, etc) and thinking of powdercoating the lower tubes to take care of the oxidation. May channel my inner twenty year old and powdercoat the wheels (black? Hi viz yellow?). New shock. New tires. The new tires it came with are date code from 2009 but feel ok, still are sticky to the touch. Tires are Battlax front is 120/70-17 and 160/60-17. Not sure I want to go with that front size. Contemplating pod filters and jetting to match. I am hoping my girlfriend likes the bike enough to ride it. If not I may go further with clipons and rearsets.

    Anyway, thanks for reading if youve made it this far. Sorry to be so long worded.

    The pics below are the new bike, some bits it came with (I already had the dog), and a pic of my old one on a ride with some friends from twenty years ago.
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    Hi and welcome.


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      Welcome aboard. Sounds like you should fit right in.

      I need a bigger garage.

      It's a dirty job but someone's got to do it.


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        Welcome. It looks like a good bike to start with.


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          Sounds like a good find and congratulations. You should be able to find most of what you want easy enough.

          Those side covers are definitely hard to come by. Pop up on maybe 1% of hawks. Someone made a copy at some point, but I forget when and who.

          And i would vote powder coat away. There is no shortage of stock grey wheels around. Different is good. There are also some wheel swaps that work if you are willing to spend a little time and money.

          The 12 tear old tired wouldn't scare me one bit. As long as they are not cracking, hold air and are round, you should be golden. Your comfort level may vary... But I find even semi modern street tires to be a good bit of overkill for almost all street riding. Especially on little bikes. I can't tell you the last time I struggled for grip on the street with a hawk.

          Also ride that 120 front and see how you like it. If you don't, throw a 110 ok it, or a 3.5" wheel.. but again, I'd bet it's just fine.

          May want to lift the tank and see what is under there. If it doesn't have a set of pods then there is some power and sound that can be released for $20. Throw a bigger set of mains in the carbs and space or replace the needles, you good. Also if only the mains where swapped, go up a size on the piolet jets, the bike will start easier.

          Oh. Suspension, suspension, suspension, suspension and suspension. It's the most expensive thing you will do to a hawk (assuming you are not shooting for 80hp) and by FAR the biggest beniifit.

          Kurlon said most if us have skewed views of how great the stock hawk is because we are all used to rising bikes with suspension done. I believe he is correct. The magic of the hawk has to be activated with the Race Tech/Penske spell.

          Welcome back.
          Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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            Congratulations on your new Hawk project!
            Bi-Coastal U.S.A.: Los Angeles, CA and Long Island, NY