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Cb-1 nc27 carb issues - new member 1st post

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    Cb-1 nc27 carb issues - new member 1st post

    Hi - new member and 1st ever post.
    I have 3 * CB-1 nc27
    2 to rebuild and 1 is purely a donor, 2 I have had running (after being stood for over 10 years.

    one of them is a mare, leave it for a week and I end up having to take the carbs off to blow through the jets ive read numerous posts on here and am convinced my carbs are clean - yeah i know that your gonna tell me different .

    everything is standard on all bikes, did get caught out initially though with the surpressors in the plug caps having a patina which prevented spark - that took me a while to suss !

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated

    Steve, Worcestershire UK

    Wait... just to confirm...

    Bike will start decently, idle good and run great.
    Park it for one week.
    Then you have to remove carbs and blow out jets to get it to start and run again?

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      dija try REALLY clearing the jets ? blowing air is far less effective than wire.


      and make sure the petrol tank isn't shedding rust flakes into your carbs.
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        Hi captain
        yeah that's about right. I have run wire through and carb ckeaner, every time the jets and passages appear clear - compressed air just to verify.
        I thought at first it may be fuel not getting pumped into carb bowls but this isn't the case.


          Sure sounds like your fuel supply is tainted and what is supposed to be filtering it is doing a piss poor job.

          But this seems even more odd than that. I think there's some missing info here.
          "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


            Originally Posted by squirrelman View Post
            and make sure the petrol tank isn't shedding rust flakes into your carbs.
            This. Or possibly, the old fuel filter needs to be replaced. Last year we found on Eileen's bike the paper element tore and clogged the lines and the carbs.
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