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  • Interested in buying a honda hawk

    so I am interested in getting a honda hawk 650. If I could get some tips and pointers to look out for when trying to purchase one of these Hondas id greatly appreciate it.

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    Where are you and how far are you willing to go?

    Oh, yeah ... Welcome to the Forum!
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      I'd be willing to go across country, I'm in chicago.


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        Welcome. Where at in Chicago? I am in the southwest suburbs. Plainfield area. Have you ever sat on one to see if you like how it fits you?
        If not you could swing by my place to check mine out. Not selling mine though.


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          We have a sicky somewhere about what to look for buying a hawk.
          .the basic rundown is

          Tank (rust inside, dents, bad bodywork)
          Tail (broken tabs, poor repairs)
          Output shaft wear/welded on sprocket

          Chain too tight (causes output shaft wear and then guy weld on the sprocket)
          Teeth on the eccentric bashed with screwdriver

          Outside of that (and I'm sure I'm missing some things been a long night) just the normal things that you would look for on any other bike.

          Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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            Things to Look Out For When Buying a Hawk. - Honda Hawk GT Forum
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              Big Question: What is your budget to buy and or fix up. Spend more up front for a nice one means more riding and less fixing. Often you end up at the same place with around the same money. I have bought 1200 Hawks bare bones barley running and 4000 dollar Hawks (with lots of spare parts) that were VERY nice rideable clean and modded somewhat. Think about the numbers and go looking on Craig's list all around the USA. Yes all around the USA can be seen on Craig's list. Just scroll through the location drop down. Remember most prices are asking prices not selling prices usually. Nice ones will get their asking price. You will get an idea of the price ranges and mods already on most Hawks like exhaust, Corbin seats, Penske shocks and so on. It's easy to put 2500 in a Hawk above the starting price. I did over 5 years on a 2700 Hawk. But it was nice enough to enjoy it while I improved it. No sitting in the back corner of the garage taken apart. So think how much you are willing to invest money and your time. Gas tank rust free and original shiny paint helps identify one that has had better care and storage as some don't have many miles on them for their age.

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                I came here looking for advice a couple of years ago. Great bunch of people with so much knowledge about these Hawk's and willing to share. If you care to listen, can save you lots of re-inventing the wheel - Did for me anyway.

                Great to fun read all the posts, there's lots of humor too! Welcome.


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                  I jumped in on a hawk with an un-savable tank, the rest was ok, learned here all I needed to do/buy to make an F2 tank fit and be usable. Our girl is not stock but runs and rides and is fun.


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                    Welcome aboard and good luck with your search.
                    All of the things mentioned by 6 and definitely read the link posted by Ziggy.

                    Buying a 30+ year old motorcycle is a lot like buying an antique car. The best advice is to always buy the best bike you can afford. Upgrades and repairs can often surpass the price of entry and most times will be well over what it would have cost to purchase one that was ready to ride and properly sorted.
                    The stock rear shock was one step above garbage when it was new so look for a bike that has a decent replacement shock.
                    Unless, of course, you run across a completely unmolested, low mile bike that can be had for little money.


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                      Just posted a sub 10K miles blue one in Philly in the "on craigslist" section here - no connection to it, but it looks promising...


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                        I haven't posted mine yet but I am in the Maryland area.

                        1988 Honda Hawk with 600RR front end, VFR750 8 spoke, stage 2, Ohlins rear shock. if you are interested.

                        I can get the mileage for you as well.
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                          Welcome! Check out our for sale sections, there's always something popping up.
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