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    Im back

    Hello everyone again,

    been a few years but made a few mistakes started off with selling my hawk, then married, then moved to Europe.

    fantastic. Now I have made the questionable purchase of a 1992 NTV650, great, heavier and slower.

    But, allows me to jump back on the forums and ask silly fitment questions while I see if things fit from hawk to revere (although, I figure this topic has been beaten to a pulp)

    Will be attempting to fit out my NTV with all the mods i made to the Hawk i had.

    thanks all,

    Looks pretty good in the pictures
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      she is borderline spotless, could use a nice compounding and wax but other than that she is pretty clean
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        Welcome back.

        There are some big obvious differences between the two bikes of course. Having never ridden the ntv I can't give you much info here.

        But why didn't you just buy another hawk? Was there somehow specific you liked about the Revere or didn't about the hawk?

        I have no idea how those respond to the suspension upgrades that bring the hawk to life... But I'd imagine, with the exception of gearing, you can do just about anything to it you could to the hawk..
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          I was going to say: "Your chain is too tight," but.....


            Originally Posted by ricksax View Post
            I was going to say: "Your chain is too tight," but.....
            Acta non verba

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              @6 Well to be honest, there are not that many good offerings for non beat to hell hawks in Europe specifically czech republic, a coupled Bros in Germany and a couple hawks in Poland and in France but since i didn't want to deal with importing bikes across country lines specifically out of Germany i can work with what i got...

              So the next best thing was either an a trans alp, africa twin, or a NTV.... since I'm vertically challenged, i tested sitting on a trans alp 650 but would be leaning hard to one side at each light and i really don't want to be leaning with that much weight on one leg.

              so I test rod a NTV and its relatively similar to the hawk in terms of feel but, its a dog, she is heavy, more like a cushy cruiser. but the Honda v-twin still feels great, sounds, identical to the hawk but sits a little lower. you can feel the shaft drive more down low and it seems to liven up way up high in the rev range, its actually very similar but, i would still give a lot for a really clean hawk. edit: interestingly enough there is a Harris racing (British performance motorcycle parts manufacturer) sticker on the side of the frame, I don't know if this is for a jet kit or a shock or .... ? unknown, i have reached out to them to see if they used to offer parts for this.

              I need to order from Hord, I am going to end up having to rebuild the carbs fully, jet them, add the foam intake. The previous owner let the bike site in a garage under a tarp for 6 months, i can also feel that clutch needs replacing and while I'm in there ill grab the advanced timing/ change the fluids, check tolerances. but i need to figure out international shipping with him.

              But what I'm nervous about is adjusting the valves, i can hear more tapping than i remember in my hawk so i suspect it needs to be done. yeesh.

              What is a real killer, is Europe is really a fun killer when it comes to modifying your own vehicles so ill have to keep all stock parts around if i want to meet inspection laws ever 5 years.

              Also wondering, my old hawk had the 600rr dual rotors up front and im wondering if anyone has done this swap on the NTV, the brakes just dont feel...... tight enough for this bike.
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                Congrats on coming back and for picking up a bike to sort of satisfy your Hawk cravings.
                I know nothing about the NTV so I can't help you there.


                  Welcome back! If my memory is right, it has a steel, not aluminum, frame. Might account for some of the extra weight you're feeling. I'm pretty sure the front brakes should be similar to the Hawk's, if not identical, so maybe just some good pads will help, along with braided lines and fresh fluid.
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