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    Just bought a 1988 Hawk GT and love it so far. Been riding for 50+ years and have owned numerous bikes over the years. Gave up dirt bikes a long time ago when my kid lost interest - plus it takes too long to heal now when I fall off. Currently have a Yamaha 1300 V-Star that I ride with my wife on back, but it's more like work than fun. Doing a long-term resto-mod on a Yamaha SR500, cafe / tracker style. Have a 150cc Scooter for running errands around town. This bike has reminded me of how much fun it is to ride a good handling street bike. Will ride it this summer till my SR is done, then make a decision on which one to keep. The SR is kick only with 10.5:1 compression and I'm concerned that my rickety old knees won't be able to handle it, but for now this bike is a blast to ride and will keep me smiling.

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    Welcome and glad you like the hawk!!!

    Post up some pics. We love pics!
    Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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      welcome, you've discovered that there's more to riding than just horsepower.
      "It's only getting worse."

      MY rides: '97 VFR750, '90 Red Hawk, '88 Blue/Black Hawk, '86 RWB VFR700 (3), '86 Yamaha Radian, '90 VTR250, '89 VTR250 (2), '73 CB125, '66 Yamaha YL-1

      Sold: '86 FJ1200, '92 ZX-7, '90 Radian, '73 CB750, '89 all-white Hawk, '88 blue Hawk, '86 FZ600, '86 Yam Fazer 700 , '89 VTR250, '87 VFR700F2, '86 VFR700F.


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        Thanks for your replies. I only have one pic of the Hawk (so far) so here it is. Also thought I'd send a couple pic's of my SR500 project. Just got the seat and tank back from the fabricator. Obviously the stance is all wrong - almost looks like a chopper! Needs considerable lowering...
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          Welcome aboard! Clearly you have two different rides here-- and a lot of work to do before you get the SR dialed in. Meanwhile, ride the Hawk.


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            SRX right.jpg SRX left.jpg SRX back.jpg
            I put an SR500 engine into an SRX250 chassis with tons of other mods. It feels cool to kickstart, but it gets old. The gearing is so close that having a decent highway gearing made first super-tall, and slipping the clutch on a single leaving the line is a skill. It was sad to sell with my custom license plate.
            Hawk with many differently shaped fuel tanks.