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    David is here!

    Hi everyone! My name is David -- I'm in Cleveland, Ohio. I have a great-condition 1989 Honda Hawk GT in my garage... but it's not mine it's my wife's. Shortly after I taught her how to ride on my 1990 Kawasaki Ninja 600R, she went out and picked up this gem. She's owned it since 1995.

    Ok, Welcome to the forum even though it's not your bike for 27 years. Maybe your wife could join too or just use your name incognito.

    Now it's time for you to post a picture of the great condition 89. We all love pictures on this forum.
    88 Blue Hawk (bike #39), 89 Red Hawk, 2021 Rebel 1100 (bike 41) Some Past/sold in reverse order:,FZ09,97 Magna #1&2 , 97 VFR750F, 87 VFR400R, 88 Hawk, 86 SRX 600, 77 RD400, 79 CB650, 04 VFR, 88 Blue Hawk, 89 Red Hawk, Yamaha SRX600, Harley 1200C, Yamaha RD400, Harley 883R, Yamaha 750 triple, Vlx600, Honda 450, Honda 400, CB550F, Kawasaki H1, BMW R69US, Yamaha R5C 350, Honda 160, Bridgestone 175, 1950 Harley 74 w/sidecar, 65 Harley 250 Sprint, 1948 Harley and my 1st bike-1941 Harley 74 knucklehead my dad gave in1963.


      let her post for herself if she's interested......
      "It's only getting worse."

      MY rides: '97 VFR750, '90 Red Hawk, '88 Blue/Black Hawk, '86 RWB VFR700 (3), '86 Yamaha Radian, '90 VTR250, '89 VTR250 (2), '73 CB125, '66 Yamaha YL-1

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        Maybe she doesn't want to post
        Maybe the gentleman is looking for a hawk for himself?
        Maybe he is her mechanic?

        Maybe he just likes the bike and wants to talk hawks.. who knows.

        Little early to jump to conclusions y'all. Haha
        And welcome David. Not quite the normal introduction post we are used to, but welcome.
        Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


          Hello David68! Welcome to the Forum!

          We’re visually oriented here and communicate by pictures, diagrams, schematics, charts, scales and most importantly ... photos!
          Please post a picture of your (wife’s) Hawk GT. Glad you joined the Forum and will be keeping her Hawk running smooth and safely.

          Bi-Coastal U.S.A.: Los Angeles, CA and Long Island, NY