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Long time HAWK admirer, finally pulled the trigger after 30+ ye

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  • Long time HAWK admirer, finally pulled the trigger after 30+ ye

    I had a V45 Saber in my early 20’s and loved the HAWK when it came out, but fairly common story, got married, kids, work demands, sold the Saber, you know the drill. Got into dirt bikes with the kids as they got older, moved on to Hare scrambles on KTMs in my 50s, then my kids were where I was…. Marriage, kids, word and no time for days of single track riding. So the dirt bikes went away. Well, I was pulled back in by my early love for the HAWK and picked up an ‘89 last week for $2400. It’s in remarkably good shape. I detailed it, cleaned the carbs, cleaned and oiled the air filters, drained the gas and put in fresh 93oct, oil & filter change, cleaned and oiled the chain and lubed all the cables. The things runs really well and is a blast. Here’s a really nice surprise, the bike came with a huge notebook if detailed records of much of its maintenance and work history including a sort of a diary. There are detailed notes on oil changes, fork maintenance, tires, brakes, plugs and upgrades like progressive springs, a FOX rear shock, carb jetting, Cush rubbers, new (low) clipons and a Two Brothers exhaust. I’m really stoked to keep this bike going. I intend to keep it looking fairly stock and work on bearings, pivot points and rubber bits over the winter. I’ll reference the HAWK forum after for info.
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    Nice pickup and welcome to the forum! You will find this is the place for all things relating to Hawks.


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      Hello KYdave647! Welcome!

      Like you, I waited too long to get a Hawk GT but lusted for one (years). When the opportunity arose, I got a rather pristine blue one. I wish I had done so a few decades earlier. But, the last decade since has been great .... especially with the support, enthusiasm and comradely members of this Forum. So, hook up with other Hawkers in your area and ride!

      BTW, the East Coast Hawk Rally (aka CTHR) is only a coupla weeks away. Go to Announcements section of Forum and look for the CTHR thread for details.

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        Yeah. nice grab. Welcome!

        I miss single track, I did a lot of it for many years. No typical story why, no kids. When we moved into the house we have now, I got a big shop and a door I could just open and instantly ride street bikes. Never had that before. The commitment to prep, load, drive, ride, load, unload everything, clean, got pushed back. Real riding areas (where I can get at least 40 miles of single track) are also nearly a couple hours each way now.

        Anyway... enjoy!!
        "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


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          That is a good one! The biggest challenge with the TBR pipe is using a bike jack. I found a way to shape two 4x4s, added engaging dowels so they would fit on my Sears motorcycle jack and I was able to lift my Hawk with the soft wood touching the engine cases.


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            Thanks, guys. I had the same experience with single track days. They are so much damn fun (well, except for the crashing and soreness), but really require a huge time commitment with fixing, prep, drive times, cleaup, assessing, more fixing, and regular maintenance.. such a treat to just jump on the HAWK & go.

            I wondered about a jack. The Two Brothers rocks but now even the center stand is removed. How about a pit stand that attaches to the rear wheel hub?

            A rally sounds like a blast, but it will need to be a little closer to home. ​​​​​


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              Originally Posted by KYdave647
              How about a pit stand that attaches to the rear wheel hub?

              Our new Hybrid One Armed features a removable handle which allows you to use the stand with the handle going either forward or toward the rear of the bike. The handle can be installed going either to

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                Originally Posted by Talon
                Our new Hybrid One Armed features a removable handle which allows you to use the stand with the handle going either forward or toward the rear of the bike. The handle can be installed going either to

                After looking around I bought the PitBull. It is the stand to get if you don't have a lift. Well made and attractive. And with the bike up, the arm is not sticking out to trip you. Get it. And when you end up with a VFR to go along side your NT, the same stand works.
                "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


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                  If you have the stock center stand bolt it in place temporally when needed.
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                    There are many options for decent rear stands out there. Lot of it is prefrance. I have one where the arm is a wrap around, and the part that sits on the ground tilts up at the end. Its nice for pushiing the bike around when its on the stand because the arm doesnt dig into the ground to stop you from going forward and backward.

                    Ive never had that Pitbull stand but it looks like rolling the bike forward while on the stand may be tricky if you are not on a very smooth surface. But again, never had it. It may be just fine.

                    a good set of stands (front and rear) are one of the better accessories you can get if you like to work on your bike.

                    And WELCOME.
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                      The PitBull has a somewhat coned shaped plastic cap that when down, the angle allows it to slide pretty damn easy. Appears it was designed for that and is replaceable. I have had no problems rolling it back and forth, it actually slides really nicely, but that is on my shop floor. I don't have the need to move it around a bunch out on my aggregate concrete driveway, maybe one half rotation of the front wheel for cleaning.
                      "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


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                        I don't think there are too many SSSA rear stand options out there anymore. I bought a PSR Mario years ago, and I can't find those for sale anymore. I only say Pitbull who had a stand. If you know of other options I'd be interested to hear about them.


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                          congrats and welcome aboard!!
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                            Looks like a great bike - the history/records are great to have. Welcome to the group!


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                              Welcome aboard! And if you want to come to the rally, throw your bike on a trailer, it’s quite common.
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