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Just got another Hawk

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    Just got another Hawk

    It's maybe my fifth or sixth one. It has an aftermarket can and, regrettably, the stock air box is gone. I hotrodded a couple of Hakws bak in the day and ultimately preferred the stock airbus with a K&N with a couple extra holes. I'm old and I'll want to put higher riser bars instead of the clips and ideally another front end, but I've fond the hawk handles best with the stock tire sizes. Fatter tires were nice on the track, but I'm just a street rider these days. I think it will be better for San Francisco traffic than my VTR1000. DJ Hydra is not included with the bike, but she does like to ride
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    Congrats on the new addition.

    Do you still have any of the other Hawks you've purchased over the years or is this your only current Hawk?

    More pics would be most welcome.


      Welcome. You should be able to find a stock airbox and a set of forks and wheel around here.

      Congrats on the hawk find. We obviously all love them here.

      Luckily these days you can find decent tires even for the track in the stock sizes. For street there are plenty of affordable options that will do just great (most people are not struggling for grip on the street.).

      Post up some more pics of the new hawk and what's been done to it
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          Hi all, Long time lurker; new member! Here is my '88. Such a cool bike!!