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  • Hello from Olde England

    Hi there
    New owner here, and for full disclosure this is the steel framed,shaft driven NTV version.
    I’ve always wanted one but the Euro version named Bros has been the put off, especially when the pop combo of the same name emerged.
    But I’ve taken the plunge now.
    The compact engine and shaft drive was the hook.
    I’ve had a quick scan of the site and hopefully won’t be asking too many stupid questions.
    The one owner low mileage original example should be in my grubby mits by Saturday
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    That’s great! I haven’t seen many of those. Once you get the chance to ride it, I’m curious to know if the tail raises upon heavy acceleration like some other Honda shaft drive models. Also, please post some photos.
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      Honda did use shaft drive on the 1984 Ascot V-twin, sold in the USA for one year only. A friend has one, a solid bike with six speeds that runs along with my Hawk GT just fine. The Revere has a reputation of lasting forever.


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        Welcome aboard! You’ll find a few of us have swapped over to the Revere tanks to double our fuel capacity.
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          Welcome! I'm in the UK too.

          I'm sure that the NTV is a solid machine but unless you're absolutely opposed to chain drive the 650 Bros is worth considering for a future purchase.

          Personally, I quite like the Bros name. It was a Japan market only bike and the name has a little of the curious quality of Japanese use of English. The Bros also scores over the Hawk by having a better front brake.


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            Originally Posted by DrPMC
            . The Bros also scores over the Hawk by having a better front brake.
            Not over mine
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