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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm the proud owner of a BROS 400, which I bought about 10 years ago but isn't running (reason why it's not running is explained here in case you're curious: )

    Still can't believe I did that, but anyway...

    Now I'm in the process of getting it back together.
    It is in very poor condition, it sat outside in a very harsh environment for about 5 years so lots of parts are to be rebuilt.

    So far I've rebuilt the engine:
    -new oil pump
    -new crank bearings
    -new rod bearings
    -new piston rings
    -new valve seals
    I wanted to install new pistons but for some reason I couldn't find any piston with proper dimensions (it is always like that here in China, most of the time the spare parts don't fit at all, it's always a nightmare).
    Also bought a gasket full kit for the engine: none of the gasket fitted, they were all 20% too large. So ultimately I had to make my own gaskets.

    My ghetto clutch holder:

    The engine paint was quite damaged so I stripped it off and gave it a nice coat of fresh paint, now it looks brand new again.


    I installed the engine back in the frame last week:


    Compression was fine, oil pump pressure was fine, no big leaks.
    One weird thing here in China is that you cannot buy fuel in a jerrycan just like anywhere else in the world. The gas station will refuse to serve you if you. I know it's ridiculous, especially if you're out of gas and have no other choice, but that's the way it is here.
    So I'm stuck with 10 years old fuel that turned orange and smells horrible.

    Anyway, surprizingly the engine started. Running rough, obviously, but at least it starts and it can hold a somewhat stable idle.
    Not always running on both cylinders though.
    The bike looks like this right now:

    Now I'm working on the carbs and will likely need the forum's help since I'm kinda bad at tuning carbs usually, but I need to find some fresh fuel before that anyway.

    The goal will not be to restaure it to a mint condition, but to get it running fine again so I can have some fun with it. I can't make a full restomod because it's impossible to get parts for it here, plus I don't have the paperworks for the bike to begin with (previous owner never delivered on his promize to give them).

    I also have a few electric motorcycles and scooters which I built entirely, so if you have some questions about some electric projects of yours feel free to ask !

    Anyway, see you guys !
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    to get new gas, maybe you can bring some other working vehicle to the gas station to get filled up and then siphon the gas out when you get home.



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      Originally Posted by lamelylounges

      to get new gas, maybe you can bring some other working vehicle to the gas station to get filled up and then siphon the gas out when you get home.

      Lol I got gas from the local gardener.
      Apparently he can get gas for his lawnmower, but it is not easy, he has to ask for an authorization from our coumpound management in order to get some.

      That's entirely stupid, I don't understand the logic here. Anyone who would like to use fuel for malign purposes could simply siphon a tank from a random car.
      Anyway, I got some fresh gas (but not a lot), so it is time for tuning the carbs. Does anyone has a good link/procedure or how to that would be better than the one described in the user manual and make carburettor tuning a bit easier?
      Also, what tool do you guys use to tweak the pilot screw? it is very badly positionned, right in front of the frame.


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        Link to carb cleaning:

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