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Hello from Vancouver island.

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  • Hello from Vancouver island.

    I don't have a Hawk yet but I've always liked the Hawk and CB-1 and looking to add a street bike project to the garage.

    Currently have a Montesa 315R and a CRF250L Rally.


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    Welcome aboard! Both bikes are excellent choices. My experience is the Hawks are easier to find. CB-1’s are incredible fun w/that 13.5 redline. All sorts of exhaust sound, you just aren't going anywhere fast. The Hawk is durable and this site offers many How To’s on general maintenance and upgrades. Either choice is a good one!
    This forum is entirely dedicated to wasting time and money modifying a slow motorcycle. - joel

    Nothing like a project to keep you busy, slowly draining funds out of the wallet! - spacetiger

    Our Hawks have all the power any mature, sensible rider can use on any street or highway without carrying around excessively unnecessary big-bore weight and power - squirrelman

    Bike builds can be and most time are art and expression. To take something mass produced and impersonal and make something personal that you can't stop staring at as you walk away. There is nothing I find more satisfying than looking at something cool and beautiful and thinking "I made that". - 6


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      Welcome aboard. You'll find Hawks in various stages of care and repair. A complete bike that runs well is generally a better investment than a non-runner or incomplete Hawk. This forum can probably supply most of the parts, but you still have to ship them across the border. And on any Hawk, check the gas tank for rust.


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        Welcome from Vancouver. Lots of valuable insight experience here. Helped me with my Hawk in many ways. Terrific bunch of people.

        There are nice hawks to find on this side of the border too. I can help you with local (non-hawk specific) parts suppliers. For Hawk parts can't beat Mr. Hord.