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  • Hello from New Jersey...

    Hi, my daughter ought a hawk. Purchase out of a friends collection. Cleaned the carbs and she fired right up. Gave it some new tires and a little love and now it's ready to go for her first season...


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    Welcome. Very clean '88.
    ASMA #139


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      Welcome aboard! Where in NJ? Check out the CTHR thread, you’re not that far away.
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        69Falcon and i have a bit of experience setting up hawks for new female riders... Especially shorter ones.. If your girl is of the petite form and you want some ideas,.... .

        But as is out the box its a fantastic learner bike for anyone. My sons first bike is a hawk, its sitting it the shop waiting for him to have his licence this summer. My wife as well was learning on hers before she got sick. Hopefully this year she can continue that journey.

        Thats a beauty of a hawk man!
        Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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          Hello Guzziboy66!
          Welcome to the Forum, the absolute best place for Hawk GT stuff. The CTHR is a great way to meet other Hawk riders, take a group ride or two in rural NY, get the low down on just about anything mechanical or technical and no doubt see a lot of service work on Hawks. BTW ... Chuck (aka- 69Falcon) operates a dynamite Brazilian BBQ.
          Anyway, welcome to the Forum!
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            nice and clean! best wishes for you and your daughter !


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              Thank you all for the warm welcome!


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                Wow. What a beauty. Welcome!!
                "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"