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Long time rider gets an '88 Hawk

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  • Long time rider gets an '88 Hawk

    Hello everyone. Here's my new to me '88 with 40K miles. It was quite sad at first look with droopy blinkers, rusty exhaust, glazed and corroded aluminum, horrendous fork tubes, noisy dry chain and on an on. The shifter and rear brake pedal were 100% rust. The large weld on the stock exhaust was thick with rust as well. Most every bolt was rusty as were all the hose clamps. The owner had called it "good condition" but there were literally no parts on the bike that didn't need attention. All that said, I've done some restoration and saw the potential. I didn't take a test ride but it cold started, settled into idle, revved out and emitted no smoke. I bargained down to $2200 and rode it home. Miraculously, it seems to need very little, having good tires, a chain that loosened up with lube, steering and wheel bearings OK, brakes OK, engine revs to redline, clutch and shifting smooth. It's got a Fox shock and forks have been dropped a bit judging by the too short kickstand. Tires are oversized at 170/60/17 and 120/70/17. Ride taut but not harsh. Turns and steers quickly enough for me. The only obvious parts needed are bar ends and something better than the cardboard patch I fabricated for the right side plastic. It actually looks decent from 10 feet now and has no rust whatsoever. Anyone have ideas on how to polish whitish spots of corrosion off the engine cases? Below are shots taken today on my 5th day of ownership.

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    Looks like you got a good one. Aside from the cardboard patched tail section, the Fox shock and F2 front wheel are great additions.

    The 120/70 front is perfect for the F2 wheel. The 170 section rear is an odd choice. You will likely be happier with a 160/60.
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      Looks like a good purchase with some nice extras.

      "I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!"


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        Welcome to the Forum! I think the Blue Hawks are the fastest, best built, most cherished of the Hawk GTs.

        There weren’t as many blue hawks made as the gray and red colors. To find one in stock condition is getting very hard these days. I wish you many happy miles. BTW , I agree with Talon on the tire comment.

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          I don't have any way to compare the 170/60-17 and 120/70-17 tires with the size found by the collective wisdom. All I can say is it's still quite nimble and comparable in steering and direction changes to my '07 Kawasaki Ninja 650R which is sporty and easy handling.


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            That floating rotor is a nice piece.

            It also had a steering damper at some point.

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