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  • If you like metal music..

    If you are into metal there is a great Washington/Idaho metal band called Fate of the Fallen. They just made their first cd (Trust) and released it last night. They should be touring about soon enough.Anyway, I just posted the whole cd for downloading: Fate of the Fallen - Trust so go to the page and download the cd if you would like it. Definately give it to your friends and spread it around. And of course, pick up a cd if you love it, they are only 10$ and it's the bands cash, not some labels. Enjoy!

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      its a little rough on some of the recording..but what do you think?
      Was the download pretty fast for you? or?


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        Download was fast here, and it's an alright band, but I suppose Im not that big on metal. I listened to it on repeat for a long time while playing with my bike so it works. Very cool, and thanks for bringing it to our attention!
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          hahaha no problem..Im glad they are getting listened to..