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where is everybody?

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  • where is everybody?

    it's so quiet around here!

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    No doubt.

    I check in here everyday but I'm afraid there are only a few of us that do.

    We need to propagate/assimilate!

    ...and maybe we need a spell check too?
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      Most of Hawk Nation is still enamored with the cumbersome email list. :/
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        I post every so often, more of a lurker i guess. I do not understand why people are so in love with the old school list. Forums are much much easier to read and follow. I will be posting more when I begin to modify my mostly stock '89 Hawk. But since I recently bought a house, most of my money is getting socked into it. I am just glad that my hawk is so dependeble, it doesn;t have to cost too much money.
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          I'm constantly posting to the email list, simply because that's where the activity is. Have to say, though, I like the forum best.
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            hmmm.... I'm not a lister, but perhaps one of you guys can steer some of those guys this way.
            It's scary how slow I am!

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              I check in daily, but there just isn't much going on Hawkwise. Anyone doing any other interesting projects? Personally, I'm working on making an XR600 into a street bike. Not really a motard, more like a Honda version of an SR500. So far it's got a F2 front end and ZX7 rear shock, which get the ride height to a managable level. GS500e wheels allow the use some 17" tires. Now if I can score some flattracker body parts I should be rollin!
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                Man, I want to see this! Take some pictures now, while it's in progress!
                1988 "BlackHawk" project
                1989 "RallyHawk" is Chuck's now!
                1988 "The Gray" Tempest Gray Metallic stocker

                I can't tell you how peaceful it is. Shinya Kimura
                People who know ride Hawks. Riot


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                  yes, I want all project pics..
                  I guess i could start posting mine..I got my new subframe on..New forks..I got a new ignition switchy thingy in the throttle barrel in the mail as well. New grips for the new clipons are hanging out waiting for the throttle barrel..
                  I dont know.
                  Yes, steer some listers this way. I think as the forums continue to grow there will be more activity. we have like 50 think three members are actually spam bots that didnt fully complete their registration.
                  Still, I check the forums everyday I just dont always have something to say, im not hard core..And honestly..I couldnt ride from the broken shoulder so I tried to distance myself a tad lately so I dont go insane. Physical therapy has started and i can ride again soon..but the weather looks snowy..ick!


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                    Yeah, snow's on the way soon. I tend to ramp up progress on the projects once I can't ride. I'll borrow a digicam and get some pics this weekend.(Hopefully)
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                      Snow? What's snow? Oh you must mean like...that stuff that happens way up in the mountanis! I think I've seen it once...yep. I'm more used to, you know...sunshine, living in cali and all
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                        If we didn't get snow, then all the freakish types that hang around after the big HD rally might decide it's where they'd like to permanently pitch a tent.

                        It also keeps my mother in law at a safe distance. Hoo Hoo, tell 'em, Fred.
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                          Alrighty, I borrowed a camera and got a shot of the XR project. I haven't cleaned anything up yet (least of all my shop). I'll clean and repaint stuff after I make it work.

                          Hopefully the pic works

                          If you need to sign in, use hawklist for the login and password.
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                            slow XR600 project

                            Here's the latest shot of the XR project:

                            It should be a fun around town bomber.
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                              Nice little rebuild..
                              Did you make the tail yourself?