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You won't belive this news article!!!

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    You won't belive this news article!!!

    Hey Guys!

    Sorry I have'nt been on in a while but I've been a little busy with school this quarter. Seems like all the professors got together over the summer and decided that we students were not getting enough work . Also, I am doing my Senior thesis in History this year. I do plan on taking the bike out for a ride over my Christmas Break however .

    Anyway, I ran across this article today on the AOL AP News:

    The basic idea is that the guy "was not guilty of reckless driving on Sept. 5, when he was spotted by a trooper who then chased him at the top speed of his cruiser's odometer - 128 mph."

    I had to post this because it's the first time I have heard of a Judge in America doing this. Germany on the Audobon I can see, But here??


    thats actually kinda neat..even though not safe...i guess if you run from the cops but play by the rules...and 300$ in fines isnt bad, i got a 300$ speeding ticket in my jeep once..errggggg.