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Pocket Rocket got STOLEN!

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    Pocket Rocket got STOLEN!

    Last night two punk kids busted into my garage and stole my pocket rocket...called the police today and they did the report, crime scene guys came and did their thing. Turns out the two kids have ties to some other guys who have 1 count of grand larceny, 4 counts breaking and entering, 1 assault and battery and 1 drug charge.... little bit more serious than I thought. Haven't caught the 2 kids yet but they are the suspects and we have fingerprints and other evidence, so hopefully they'll be caught


    i mean, the stolen part sucks, but they actually got fingerprints and are investigating it.

    normally the cops just fill out a report, go "here ya go" and never do dick.

    i did my own stolen recovery lastnight though.

    two weeks ago my friends poolstick and case got stolen.
    well lastnight i was out at my normal place, and i notice a case just like his.
    i walk closer and go.. hmmm.. theres the white paint mark i made on it when i brushed it on the wall... theres the "lucky" sticker on the inside he put there... ha!

    i was going to pick it up, but then i thought.. well if the person is stupid enough to bring the case here, maybe he brought the stick too.

    look around, and sure enough a table away is the stick leaning on the table, with some guys back turned.

    i go over behind him, pickup the stick like its mine, crack it put it in the case, pickup the case, and walk back to my table...

    guy turns around. looks for his stick. him and his friend look around.. his friend (who did see me) points at me.

    i deadstare straight back at him and wave.

    dude never came over...

    i got the stick/case back and i gained about $5 in quarters the guy put in the bag... very cool


      wow that is high tech guy the Garda(police) over in Ireland don't even come to your house, they type it up on the invisible typewriter. I had go and find it and bring it back my self when my bike got stolen.

      If you look at the inside of the Garda Car you can see a little button with a picture of donuts on the dashboard (not like I have been in their cars before) if you press it the siren and light come on. go figure....


        yeah they lifted some good prints off pieces of glass that the punks pulled outta the caulk or whatever so they didn't scratch themselves (poor stupid idiots) my car was in the garage also and they lifted prints off the hood and a palm print off the trunk. The bike they rode up on was found this morning and they are taking that as evidence along with the tire iron that they left outside the broken window.


          Was the pocket rocket your hawk?
          '88 Hawk GT
          '89 Harley FXSTC
          2008 Yamaha V-Star 1300 tourer

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            Originally Posted by motorcycleman
            Was the pocket rocket your hawk?
            i dont consider my hawk to be a pocket rocket... i prefer to think of her as my red rocket.


              wow sounds like your dealing with some real pro's lol
              1988 & 1991 hawkgt, 2005 rc51