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i hate shipping companies... and jacket designers too.

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    i hate shipping companies... and jacket designers too.

    i rode all the way home during lunch to see if my new jacket was there.. they always come in the morning, or late in the evening.

    i get there.. no jacket.. oh well.

    i ride back to work... that was my lunch hour.

    i get to work, and THEN get the text message update.. it was delivered at 1:03pm...
    in otherwords, it got there just as i got back to work.

    i hate shipping companies.. its like they know the worse possible time to deliver things, and do it then.

    oh, and another bitch... lol.
    i HATE wearing this borrowed jacket. the armor moves on it, and i look like a power ranger... sure its better then nothing, but dammit.. i want my own comfy jacket back!!

    everyone needs to start bitching about these powerranger colored jackets.. maybe we can start getting something that doesnt look so gay!!

    gee, my choices.. friggen red ranger buck rodgers spacesuit... or "*splat* i didnt see you" black.... cant they make more jackets that have a nice simple pattern... a visible jacket that has the safety features of the race jackets... (CE armor, back protector pocket, good abrasion resistance) ... and the needed street features (ventiliation, pockets, ect..)?

    the only jackets i see like this are the really really pricey ones.. (read: overpriced) ... and then noone carrys them in stock to try on anyway. (read, im not cut like a racer.. i gotta see how strechy it is.)

    Have you looked into fieldsheer - I love thier jackets. Everyone at work that rides has one or two. I'm getting my second one High Temp mesh with armor - they are pretty cheap from the local dealer under $200. They have "splat black", "look at me silver", and "I'm not gay gunmetal".
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      I have two sets of leathers - one is a 2005 Fieldsheer "Titanium Air" jacket and pants in *splat* black, the other is is a 2006 Alpinestars "Ice" jacket with "Track" pants in "hey look, I'm retro!" black and white.

      Totally in love with both of them. I wouldn't hesitate to buy more Fieldsheer or Alpinestars. Good stuff.
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        GRRRR!!! another rant....

        i just lost my gloves... somewhere between the parkinglot and my desk, is a almost new pair of gloves.

        friggin great.

        you know, my last set of gloves lasted me 3 years. i never lost the fuckers.. and half the time, they were just tossed into the helmet.


          Sorry to hear about you jacket and gloves but i hope by now you've gotten both!

          As for normal coloured jackets, First Gear tends to be only in black. Good quality stuff but expensive.


            I have had major issues trying to get a jacket that I like. I am 5'11". The womens jackets in a Large are to small in the bust and too short in the sleeves but the waist fits comfortably. The XL fits fine in the bust and sleeves and is way to big in the waist. At least 2 inches extra in fabric on both sides. This is how it is for Joe Rocket Jackets. The Power Trips don't fit as far as bust or sleeves at all. I have been trying to find a jacket for over a year now. Still no luck. I think I am finally gonna have to break down and buy a mens jacket.


              As a fellow freak (I'm a bloke, 6'5") I feel your pain. I currently struggle into a Wolf two-piece but, to be honest, it's too short in the body and the legs (tho' WAY better than almost everything else I've tried). Custom-built for you is prolly the only way to go ...
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                In the end, sometimes you just have to go the custom route to get it right. Stings a little at first when you right the check. But, surprize, it fits like it was made for you. If you have been frustrated in the past, it's a real revalation.
                When you amortize the cost over a virtual lifetime of use, the difference is not so great.


                  +1 on the custom route

                  I'm 6'0 but only 160lbs with very long (and skinny) arms and legs for my height. I used to struggle into a two piece Fieldsheer get up that I bought as seperate pieces (which was remarkably long in the legs for the waist size).

                  I was looking to replace that set up last year and after shopping around, bit the bullet and got a made to measure one piece made by Carrera. It cost me nearly 800, but it fits like a glove and is superbly made. No baggy bits, no excessively tight or short bits. Just spot on snugness and excellent protection all round The Fieldsheer now sits unloved in the closet.