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  • Wheelin'

    I think it was greggear that posted an intro saying he liked to rock crawl..And our newest member renagaderon's profile says he likes jeeps.
    How many of you guys go wheeling and what are you running?
    I have an 87' jeep wagoneer limited (XJ/cherokee body style). I lifted it with a 4.5" rubicon express kit..It got me about 6" above stock but now i think i sit at 5 or so, after 2 yrs of wheeling abit. Im running 32x11.5's on black rock crawler wheels..I also have a d44 in the rear. I havent done too much other stuff, I put a front hitch on it and I also put on a set of Aj's Offroad armour super square rock rails that have worked awesome. I put a nice system in it, but that doesnt have much to do with wheeling atal.
    I would like to hack the fenders, regear and lock the rear, and put on 33's or 35's someday.
    Anyway. I was just curious about all ya'll!

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    I drive a 74 Pinzgauer for work. It's been known to run over a few things
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      I have a 2005 Xterra Offroad that I took wheeling with on 4/1(upstate ny xterra) I have shrockworks sliders on it and a tow point in the back in my trailer hitch, that is all for mods at the moment.
      I love the truck, but I should have went with a color other than black.
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