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Crash helmet repaint

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    Crash helmet repaint

    Has anyone out there ever repainted their own crash helmet? If so, what type of paint can be used?

    I'm interested in doing my own lid to match my bike and have found a couple of threads, but can't seem to find out what paint type doesn't damage the shell.

    FYI it's an Arai NR, fibreglass lid.

    I'm pretty sure you're good using an enamel, but you'd be best off takign it to a local hobby shopp and having them look at it.

    Do you have a gun you're goign to use or are you gonna rattle can it?


      If it's custom paint on your bike, just go back to the same painter. Or take it to any painter if it's stock paint and have it color matched.
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        I'm going to be painting the bike myself, so intend to do the helmet too.

        Not too worried about it exacly color matching, so may use different paint types and will be using a gun.


          I remember seeing a sticker on my helmet saying do not use paints and solvents on it as they could weaken it. I suppose once the paint you use doesn't react with the material your lid is made of you should be fine.

          (warning: above post based on vague recollection of a sticker. May be utter B.S.)!
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            Couple issues: using "hot" paint on thermoplastic- resin helmets is bad because it can melt/distort the shell.

            The other is that vents need to be _very carefully_ masked off as the solvent will eat the EPS foam and the damage often won't be visable.