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Just brushed my teeth in full gear

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    Just brushed my teeth in full gear

    I had to go somewhere, had already strapped my gear on, and realized I needed to brush my teeth. I said f'ck it and did it with all my gear on, including my helmet - which is a flip up face type.

    It worked out pretty well. While I was doing that, I started wondering what other weird stuff have people done in full gear?


    PS after that I went riding and got soaked by rain for the next 3 hours back and forth to and from a basketball game.
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    um... i've done a few things with gear party on/around, but the helmet, gloves and part of my leathers were always off


      I've spent 48hrs straight in my gear most of that with my helmet and gloves still on, it gets wicked cold up here sometimes, and if you're going camping in the late fall on a bike, its wise to remeber to pack a hat and gloves or you'll end up with frostbite, or just wear your helmet and riding gloves for most of the weekend and look like a total tool, but come home with all your bits still attached
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        Honest to God, when I saw this last year I tried to get some local Listers together for a weekend ride to create a "flash mob" in Union Square. I figured a bunch of Listers swarming the sidewalk and dancing improptu would be hilarious. Didn't happen.... yet.
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          That may be one of the funniest things I have ever seen
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