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    Motorcycle news and reviews from the bike industry's most trusted people: The Previous Owners.

    Found on the Aprilia forum, I really liked the Vinales one!

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    Funny stuff. Goes straight to the heart of GSXR riding.


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      New Study Finds That Every Gas Station Has One Old Man Who ‘Used To Ride’

      WASHINGTON, D.C. -- A new study by the National Motorcycle Research Administration (NMRA) has researchers baffled. The study found that every gas station has at least one old man who rode motorcycles in his youth.

      “We expected most gas stations to have an eldery ex-biker roaming around the pumps,” said Morgan Hu, lead researcher for the study. “But nobody thought that 100% of all gas stations would be overrun by these chatty seniors.”

      Researchers aren’t sure as to why gas stations are such a hot spot for these gentlemen, but they do have some theories.

      “We think the smell of gasoline causes most of them to relive the days when their bikes were the only things that occasionally leaked.”
      Don't spend money and buy, spend time and learn.


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        vinales - a gsxr 600 test rider ,best place for the useless tool - donre nothing, he belongswith another pretender like Aleix espargaro, another piss por talentless spaniard elevated to motogp for spanish pride (calling out hte ghost of pedrosa here) in a series owned by a spanish company and overloaded with spaniards when rides to more talented riders are being passed over to spaniards of dubious talent


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          This is freaking awesome.
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            “One time I saw a female just beyond the swarms of men asking if my exhaust was stock” Frank said “But she was a lesbian”

            haha this had me howling, great read.